Help Long Island Animal Shelters by Adopting One of These Pets or Volunteering

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Shelters and rescues are still trying to play catch-up from the dogs and cats that were surrendered when Covid restrictions ended. We all know adoption saves lives, but if you can’t adopt, please consider volunteering at your local rescue. Just an hour per week helps reduce the strain on staff and volunteers, which means more animals receive the best care they can.  

Available for adoption at All About Spay Neuter


Introducing Louie! This amazing street rescue is the most mellow loving boy any cat owner could ask for. All this boy wants is a lap to call his own. He is the biggest mush and is ready to find his forever home. If you’re interested in adopting Louie, contact Alicia at 516-984-4525. They are also in great need of volunteers so please contact them if you can help. 

Available for adoption at the Smithtown Animal Shelter

Delilah 1

Remember Delilah, the 10-year-old gal found abandoned in a park with her brother, Samson, after their mom sadly passed away?  Well, both Delilah and 8-year-old Samson are ready for their next and final chapter! While they don’t have to be adopted together, it would be so wonderful if they could be. Both are sweet, loving dogs that deserve a loving family like yours. 

If you are interested in meeting Samson and/or Delilah, call 631-360-7575. 

Available for adoption at the Babylon Animal Shelter

Diamond arrived at the shelter this past February when her owner could no longer care for her.  Diamond presents as a bit aloof, but with time spent together, she warms up and acclimates to new friends quickly. Diamond would love a new home where she will be given time and patience to acclimate to her new settings and the new people in her life. Once Diamond has bonded, she is incredibly dedicated to you. She would best thrive as an only pet and kids older than 8.

For more information about adopting this gem of a pooch, contact the shelter at 631-643-9270. 

Available for adoption through Tender Loving Cats 

Talk about a gorgeous gray domestic long-haired cat who is super sweet…that’s how staff and volunteers describe Luna. She enjoys being petted and brushed and will also rub herself on the cat scratchers. This is a lap cat who is shy at first until she warms up, and before you know it, she’s snuggling in your bed or in your lap watching TV with you. Luna is also good with children and not opposed to dogs. She is ready for her forever home!

To adopt Luna, complete the adoption application: tenderlovingcats.org/adoption-application.html.

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

Lily Pearl
Lily Pearl

**Senior Alert** 18-year-old Lily Pearl (Adoption #R101734) was a devoted sidekick to her human her whole life but when that human became ill, Lily Pearl’s entire world was upset. NSALA vets discovered Lily was in need of some tender loving medical care herself. This loyal lady is now receiving treatment with great results, and her medical costs will continue to be covered for her new family when they use Pet Health Centers in Port Washington. With that extra hand, they can focus all their attention on Lily who is desperate to find a new sidekick. Staff and volunteers can’t say enough about the gratitude senior cats feel when peace is restored to their lives, and Lily Pearl is especially ready to share your lap with you. 

Coco Puff
Coco Puff

Seven-month-old Coco Puff (Adoption #H211298) remembered to thank the local rescuer who saved her from a life outdoors; she’s never at a loss for words! This enchanting diva has plenty to say about her secure life indoors in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center too. While she’s indifferent about the feline roommates, she wouldn’t mind telling you a thing or two about ear rubs and the life she plans to share with you. If you’re looking for a cat for good company and chit-chat, you’ll be cuckoo for Coco Puff!


Greetings from Aloha (Adoption #T103654)! This stunning 10-month-old kitten has had quite a journey. Rescued in Tennessee and delivered to safety, pretty Aloha was fortunate to end up in the capable hands of NSALA’s medical team who discovered she has hyper cardiomyopathy. After time in a wonderful foster home and a successful treatment plan in place, Aloha is now ready to find a family worthy of so much cuteness! To make this as simple as possible, her medical expenses are covered at cost through NSALA’s Pet Health Center. They want purrfectly imperfect Aloha to be home greeting her family with all the joy she’s stored up for them.

Monterey and Carmel
Monterey and Carmel

One-year-olds Monterey (Adoption #T103840) and Carmel (Adoption #T103941) were separated for a moment when they first arrived from Tennessee, but not to worry. The moment they reunited everyone agreed that they need to stay that way furever! What a relief that must be to the shyer Carmel who looks to Monterey for reassurance that they are going to be ok. Monterey loves to make new friends and explore all the toys in her room. Carmel prefers to have treats served to him in bed. They’re the purrfect compliment to each other, and a wonderful pair to bring home to your family!


When 8-year-old Phee (Adoption #G27784) first arrived from her southern shelter, she needed a boost to her confidence. Time in a quiet place with welcoming hands made her feel more comfortable with the changes, and she’s now overcome with gratitude in her cage-free room in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. While she’s divinely polite about making new connections, if you sit with her, she may tap you for more attention. How charming! Wouldn’t you love to be on the receiving end of her attention?


Looking for a quiet, loyal companion? Look no further than Vulpix (Adoption #H211296)! This 2-year-old beauty was found outside and fostered by her heroes before making her way to Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center where NSALA is happily helping her find her permanent home. Vulpix is hopeful you’ll offer her your hand so she can nuzzle it—her magical way of letting you know you’re the one for her. She may not be wild about her feline friends, but she’s very keen on meeting the human destined to take her home!


If a quiet companion is who you seek, please consider tender Trixie (Adoption #G27949). This captivating 1-year-old kitty found her way to Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center by way of an overcrowded shelter partner in Georgia. She’s waiting for you by the window of her room where she soaks up sun and tranquility while hoping her forever family comes to visit and notices her. She’s been contemplating all she has to be grateful for and NSALA hopes she’ll be counting you as one of her blessings very soon!


Because the newborn in his home turned out to be allergic to him, 5-year-old Binx (Adoption #R166944) needs our help finding him a fresh start. NSALA has welcomed this mushy boy with open arms and he trusts we will find him in a loving home, back where he belongs. You may find Binx lounging near the windows, taking in the views, but he’s happy to have his meditation time interrupted for some loving pets and rubs from new visitors. Once you feel how soft his fur is, and how open his heart is to being loved, you’ll realize he’s leaving our adoption center in your car for a ride to his forever home.

For more information about adopting NSALA’s adorable adoptables, contact [email protected].

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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