Something to Wine About: Barbera d’Asti Le Orme DOCG 2020 Red Wine

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Something to Wine About: Barbera d’Asti Le Orme DOCG 2020 Red Wine

If you are searching for a nice red wine to complement your autumn meals, the Barbera d’Asti Le Orme DOCG 2020 is perfect.

This is a medium bodied red with a lighter mouth feel. It is an exquisite garnet color with beautiful legs. Legs are the streaks left on the glass when one swirls before tasting. Higher alcohol wines tend to leave more prominent streaks on the glass.

This wine comes in at 14% alcohol. This wine is exceptionally dry with notes of bright cherry and a hints of spice. The finish is also extremely dry. It pairs beautifully with pasta as well as any type of Italian dish with red sauce, hearty soups, hard cheeses, and chili. If you want to elevate pizza night, this is the red wine to do it. 

This red wine does need a bit of time to open up. If possible, you might want decanter the wine. Decanting wine, pouring it into a more open vessel, it introduces more oxygen to the wine. It allows flavors to open up and tannins might soften. No time, or desire, to decant, opening the wine and pouring it into a glass a few minutes before serving can also be helpful.  

This is an excellent wine to enjoy with food. It is stainless steel fermented and quite different from the rich, oaky, fuller-bodied, California reds on the market. There are no notes of vanilla or toast to compete with your dish. This wine will enhance your meal and allow the flavors of your food to shine.

This lovely wine is from the Piedmont area in Italy and retails for $17.99.