What is The Best Supermarket on Long Island?

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Supermarkets have come a long way, with the influx of gourmet foods, ethnic specialties and fresh options, but what is the best supermarket on Long Island?

Long Islanders voted GalaFresh Farms Best Supermarket on Long Island in the 2022 Bethpage Best of Long Island!

Local supermarket Gala Fresh Farms is a big hit with the many locals who shop there regularly. The family owned and operated grocery store makes food shopping easy, whether you’re buying for just yourself or an entire family. Customers report that the shopping experience is pleasant because Gala Fresh is always clean and well stocked. They also say that the workers are friendly and always willing to help you find what you need or grab something from that top shelf. Not everyone enjoys food shopping, but going to Gala Fresh Farms is a delight, explaining why it’s come out on top as the best supermarket on Long Island!

Trader Joe’s was the national winner in this category. With locations throughout Long Island, Trader Joe’s has quickly become the go-to supermarket for Nassau and Suffolk residents. Since the store first opened, Trader Joe’s has aimed to provide high quality goods at every day prices, so you won’t be breaking the bank during your shopping trip. You won’t find many typical name brand items in the store, which adds to the shopping adventure and is part of what makes Trader Joe’s more special than your average supermarket. The store also has options that are gluten free, kosher, and vegan, so those with dietary restrictions can shop with confidence in the Trader Joe’s aisles. The helpful crew at Trader Joe’s is there to help you and make you feel at home during your shopping experience!

GalaFresh Farms is located at 2485 Grand Ave. in Baldwin. It can be reached at 516) 377-4252 or galafresh.com

Trader Joe’s has multiple locations that can be found at  traderjoes.com

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