Something to Wine About: 2021 Grandeur Red Blend

Grandeur Red Blend

Something to Wine About: 2021 Grandeur Red Blend

While spring is here, with blooms abounding, it seems there are still some days, and most nights, that winter refuses to loosen its icy grip. The perfect wine for that early spring transition is the 2021 Grandeur Red Blend.

This California wine is comprised of petite sirah and cabernet sauvignon. It is aged for 10 months in French oak. It is a full bodied wine full of fig, cloves, plum, blueberry, and dark ripe red fruits. It is so smooth with such lovely balanced acidity on the finish one can’t help going back for more. It is so easy to enjoy with grilled foods, red meats, pizza, and dark chocolate. And it’s equally easy to enjoy on its own. 

This wine hails from Monterey County in California. When most wine lovers think California Cabs, they think Napa. But Monterey has long been producing some stellar wines and this one is just one example. More than being an exquisite red, it is also, gluten free, vegan friendly, and certified organic.

While one may think wine is just grapes, aren’t all wines gluten free and vegan friendly? During the wine clarification process, or fining, often times substances are used that are not gluten free and may include animal by products. They aren’t ingredients in the wine, but do have contact with the wine.

This wine drinks as well as many beautiful Napa Cabs, but at a much more attractive Monterey County price of only $22.99. It is a budget friendly choice that is sure to enchant your red wine loving friends.