Webinar: Medicaid Home Care vs. Nursing Home Medicaid

medicaid webinar
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Navigating the complex details required for enrolling in Medicaid can be difficult for people living in nursing homes or staying in their residence, and many individuals seek out advice to help sort it out.

Here to discuss the difference between the two scenarios are Melissa Negrin-Wiener and Ken Kern, senior partners at the Melville-based law firm of Cona Elder Law, who are hosting a webinar titled Medicaid Home Care vs. Nursing Home Medicaid. Viewers will learn how to qualify for each and which care may be best for you and your loved one.

These attorneys have been working in elder law for more than 20 years each and can explain why starting the planning process before you need care is so critical. Hear how, with the proper counsel and support, you can age with grace on your own terms.

Topics to be covered will include asset protection planning, promissory note plans, pooled income trusts, spousal refusal, Medicaid home care services coordination, asset transfers and eligibility, look back periods vs. penalty periods and asset and income limitations (spousal vs. single).

The webinar is scheduled for 11 a.m. Tuesday, May 16. To register, click here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_1_9jlHAXSH2btshMYILhjw

Schneps Media, the parent company of the Long Island Press, will host the webinar. For more webinars, visit schnepsmedia.com/webinars.