Hanan Products: The Unsung Hero of Long Island Bakeries Since 1946

Hanan Products
A conveyor belt at Hanan Products, a whipped cream product manufacturer based in Hicksville.
Courtesy Hanan Products

You’ve probably tasted their whipped cream from a bakery without knowing of Long Island-based manufacturer Hanan Products.

Located at 196 Miller Pl. in Hicksville, this family-owned manufacturer makes commercial whipped products.

Hanan Products 8
Courtesy Hanan Products

The history of Hanan Products

These are not the kind of products you will find in a grocery store, but the kind that bakeries will have in the back and use for cakes.

Hanan Products was started in 1946 in Brooklyn by Stuart Hanan, before moving east in the 1960s. 

“He was a chemist by trade,” Paul Hanan, grandson of Stuart and chief financial officer of Hanan Products, said.

“A friend of his was in the flavor industry and approached him about creating whipped toppings, and they went from there.”

All of the processes take place at their 25,000-square-foot facility — from mixing ingredients to packaging, freezing, and shipping.

Hanan Products 2
Courtesy Hanan Products

What Hanan Products Makes

There are more than 40 variations of whipped cream that Hanan produces — which have different purposes.

There is pre-whipped versus liquid, dairy versus nondairy, toppings versus icings, and flavored products, to name a few. 

“We pride ourselves on customer service and making a quality product,” Paul Hanan added.

“We have a sign hanging in our building that says our product must be second to none — a sign that my grandfather put up when we moved here.”

Hanan Products 3
Courtesy Hanan Products

What Customers Have to Say About Hanan Products

The customers Hanan Products deals with are not at-home bakers but professional bakers and eateries that buy industrial-sized amounts of their whipped cream.

Hanan Products ships to bakeries all over the world, but is a favored manufacturer for a few Long Island bakeries.

“The products are amazing to work with,” Roxana Rubio, owner/decorator at Massapequa’s Princess Bakery, said.

“It could be hot weather, cold weather, too humid, the products always hold up, and they will always work with me through the whole process. We’ve been working with them for a while and never had an issue.”

Hanan Products 9
Courtesy Hanan Products

Louis Matarazzo, owner of Mario’s Bakery in Oceanside, speaks highly of the facility itself in addition to the product.

“Their product is superior and consistent, and consistency is important in the bakery business,” Matarazzo said.

“But when you go to this facility, not only are you impressed with the products, but the cleanliness. You’re talking about a warehouse and it’s second to none — the place is immaculate.”

Hanan Products 4
Courtesy Hanan Products