Rumble Boxing Comes To Glen Cove

Rumble Boxing
Courtesy Logan Ruby

“Let’s get ready to rumble!”

You’ve heard of Cycle Bar, Pilates, and Pure Barre. Get ready to add Rumble Boxing as a household-name brand of elite fitness.

Rumble Boxing, owned by parent company Xponential Fitness, just opened a new location in Glen Cove, with plans to expand to more locations on Long Island.

Rumble Boxing Glen Cove’s Owner

Rumble’s owner, Siobhan Miller, has a deep background in business, holding an undergraduate degree in it as well as a master’s degree in entrepreneurship and innovation. Miller, a New York native, began her career working for American Express before moving to California to work for a non-profit organization focused on cancer research for children — as she pursued her master’s degree.

But she always had an interest in fitness — boxing for fitness, specifically.

“I was involved in sports on the management side all throughout high school,” Miller said. “And then in college is when I really started working out on my own. And right after graduating from undergrad when I started boxing. Boxing is a great sport, it’s great for confidence building and  any type of stress or anxiety.”

When Miller moved out to California, and experienced the “fighters first, fitness second,” kind of gritty boxing gyms that train professional boxers with the occasional class for the casual, her business chops kicked in and saw an opportunity.

What Rumble Boxing Offers

Rumble Boxing takes the concept of the aforementioned Cycle Bar and other Xponential Fitness assets and applies it to a boxing workout. This is an intense, 45-minute, ten round session of boxing — a full body workout for cardio and strength.

Rumble Boxing 2
Courtesy Logan Ruby

Rumble Boxing was founded in 2017, and Miller has been a practitioner since its founding before owning a franchise — and possibly more — herself.

“The room is split into two sides,” Miller added. “You have the boxing side, which has Aqua bags, which they are filled with water and a teardrop shape. They were designed to help people work on their upper cuts, which are very difficult to do on a long heavy bag. And the water is just so much easier on your joints, which makes it more approachable for people of all fitness levels and age and experience levels. On the bench side, you have five to 20 pound dumbbells, as well as one to three pounds, and the instructor is going to walk you through a full body workout on the side doing strength training, but really at a faster pace. Every round is three minutes.”

Rumble Boxing held its grand opening on July 20, a day Miller said was a huge success — the success should continue, and lead to more locations opening.

“If you have time to come in and take a class, it’s just a really great experience and atmosphere,” Miller said.

Rumble Boxing is located at 100 Village Square in Glen Cove, and can be reached at (516) 535-9733.