Long Island Coronavirus Death Toll Tops 100

More than 100 people have succumbed to the coronavirus pandemic on Long Island, including seniors, those with underlying health issues, and several young people, officials said Tuesday.

Cuomo Pleads For Doctors, Nurses From Other States To Aid NY Hospitals

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called on Monday for healthcare workers elsewhere to help the state's overwhelmed hospitals battle the coronavirus and made a plea for bipartisanship and "partnership" with U.S. President Donald Trump.

How Will COVID-19 Impact Your Job Search?

Now is the perfect time to fine tune your job-seeking skills. Beyond taking the necessary health related precautions, here are a few things you can do.

Are You A Medic on Long Island? Tell Us Your Coronavirus Story

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on across Long Island, we want to hear from the health care workers on the front lives battling to save lives.

Experts Warned Trump Off NY-NJ-CT Lockdown

Experts on the White House coronavirus task force persuaded President Donald Trump that a travel advisory was preferable to the strict quarantine he was considering for the hard-hit New York area to limit the spread of the pathogen, officials said on Sunday.

OpEd: LIRR Steps Up Efforts To Keep Riders Safe from COVID-19

LIRR President: Our workforce is on the frontlines, playing a key role in the response to this pandemic.

OpEd: We Must Control This Virus Without Creating A Depression

insider trading
It is perhaps the biggest decision of our time: In the wake of the coronavirus, how do we balance the goal of saving every life possible without sending us into a deep economic depression?

The Fight Against Coronavirus Requires We Work Together

OpEd: New York is the state hardest hit in the country by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, and containing its spread and combatting this outbreak must continue to be a whole-government, top-to-bottom approach.

More Than 11,000 Coronavirus Cases Now Confirmed on Long Island

The number of people diagnosed with coronavirus on Long Island rose Sunday to more than 11,000 — one fifth of the cases in New York State, officials said. 

Long Island Hospitals See Surge in Coronavirus Patients

Coronavirus patients requiring medical care are surging into Long Island hospitals before the disease's spread is expected to peak in two to three weeks, officials warned.

The Red Neck: A ‘Dangerous’ Spirit From Twin Stills Moonshine Distillery

Known primarily for its small-batch whiskeys and flavor-infused moonshines, Twin Stills Moonshine Distillery in Riverhead shares more than just its spirits with its customers — there’s a legacy behind the brand. 

Long Island Coronavirus School Closures Extended 2 Weeks

Public and private schools across Long Island and New York State will be closed an additional two weeks, through April 15, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Friday morning.