Cross-Country Wheelchair Trek Ends on Long Island

“It was relief. It was joy. It was happiness. It was exhaustion. It was awesome.”

Leatherback Sea Turtle Saved Off Orient Point

The 5-foot-long endangered reptile was found tangled in rope by marine law enforcement officers on patrol.

East Rockaway Man Charged With Scamming $200K from Elderly

The suspect is accused of operating a driveway repair company without a license and not completing work he was paid for.

LI’s Fast Food Invasion: Quick, Popular Eats Take Island by Storm

Dairy Queen Long Island
“A lot of people come in and say, ‘We’ve seen your commercial, we were waiting for you to get here.'"

Hempstead Clerk Misconduct Trial Begins

Mark Bonilla allegedly tried to coerce a female employee into dropping a sexual harassment complaint.

TWA Flight 800 Exposé Takes Off at Stony Brook Film Festival

TWA Flight 800
On the 17th anniversary of the July 17, 1996 tragedy, one of America’s most controversial aviation investigations takes the spotlight at the Stony Brook Film Festival.

LI Couple Fundraises Online to Fix Immigration Snafu

“I’m missing my daughter grow up.”

GANGLAND: Suffolk Cops, Pols and Residents Seek to Beat the Heat After Recent Deadly Shootings

GANGLAND: Suffolk Cops, Pols and Residents Seek to Beat the Heat After Recent Deadly Shootings
“We don’t want to have a repeat of what we had in 2009. I’ve been knocking on doors in the community and people are afraid.”

Schumer Calls on Feds to Expedite Jones Inlet Light, Jetty Repairs

Without proper lighting and broken rocks, the inlet can be treacherous for boaters at night and in the fog.

Defeat, Retreat, Spies and Surprise: George Washington on L.I.

America's first superhero and Long Island go way back, and some of the stories involves defeat, retreat, spies and surprise.

Charlie LeDuff From Detroit. Reporter. Advocate. Bather. Golfer. Warrior.

Charlie LeDuff, reporter
Gotta give credit where it's due, this Detroit reporter knows how to do news.

Holbrook LIE Crash Leaves Woman Dead

The 33-year-old woman died after the SUV her husband was driving hit a parked, disabled truck.