Anthony Robles: Anthony Robles Becomes Wrestling Champ With One Leg

AnthonyTo become a collegiate champion in any sport is a decidedly difficult and punishing challenge for any student athlete. But for Arizona State’s Anthony Robles, he successfully became the NCAA wrestling champion in the 125-pound weight class without a right leg.

No, he didn’t break a bone, or injury his calf. Robles was born without his leg.

But that disadvantage never stopped Robles. As his head coach at Arizona State, Shawn Charles, said: “You never hear him complain. He doesn’t see himself having a weakness.”

Robles proved that, as he marched through an undefeated season that ended on Saturday with him winning the 125-pound title.

Robles was 36-0 on the year, and also added the PAC-10 title for his weight class to his impressive season.

What is Robles biggest advantage? According to him, it’s his incredible grip strength from having to use crutches to walk around outside of the ring. It could be, however, his extreme upper body strength. Rumors out of Arizona State say that Robles can bench press 305 pounds.

The championship on Saturday was the culmination of a decorated career for Robles, who is a three-time PAC-10 champion and a two-time state champion in Arizona.