The Sky Is Falling: Judgment Day Is May 21, 2011

110511103653 doomsday billboard

Most people have heard the “theory” that the world is going to end in 2012 according to the Mayan calendar, but just recently billboards have started to pop in throughout North Carolina and across the United States revealing the world’s last day is specifically going to be on May 21, 2011, based on the Hebrew Calendar.

According to digtiad.com, a broadcast ministry known as Family Radio located in Oakland, California have come up with the new Judgment Day date. The founder, Harold Camping, is claiming one can know the date of the creation of the world, Noah’s flood and more events that have been described in the Bible just by using a convoluted set of numerological calculations. Through the calculations, Camping claims one can then extrapolate when the Bible “guarantees” the world’s end.

As Camping asserts his explanation for May 21, 2011 being the specific Judgment Day, the theory becomes even more farfetched. According to Camping, since God warned Noah of global Judgment Day seven days before it happened, this also correlates to the next Judgment Day seven “days” (specifically millennia) later. More, Camping says the flood can be dated back to exactly 7,000 years ago from May 21.

According to his website he says, “The Bible has given us absolute proof that the year 2011 is the end of the world during the Day of Judgment, which will come on the last day of the Day of Judgment.”

However Camping’s findings should be taking lightly, people have been predicting the end of the world, unsuccessfully of course, since 1260. Camping himself “miscalculated” in 1994. In 1860 there was even a “Great Disappointment” when people were warned about the Second Coming.

Considering this is not the first time Camping has predicted the end of the world and that morbid people throughout the ages have liked to indulge in the idea of “the end of the world,” May 21, 2011 is just going to be another day just as Y2K was another year. Don’t worry, the sky is not actually falling.