Choosing The Right Pet Containment For Your Pet

Pet Collar
Invisible Fence brand’s Microlite Computer Collar (Photo: www.CanineFence.com)
Pet Collar
Invisible Fence brand's Microlite Computer Collar (Photo: www.CanineFence.com)

Traditional fencing, underground electronic pet containment, dog crates, dog runs, tethers and leashes all provide containment for your pet – some are more affordable and some are safer for your pet, but they all contain your pet.  Part of being a responsible dog owner is choosing the best method for your family and your pet.

A $12 leash may be the cheapest method, but if you’re not consistently home throughout the day to walk and exercise your pet it is not the best choice.

Traditional fencing is a solid choice. While some pets can dig under or even jump over traditional fences, appropriate training should minimize this occurrence.

Exercise pens and kennels give your pet limited space to exercise when you can’t be there to supervise. Typically, pens or kennels are made of metal and can fit any space, inside or out.  They are an affordable choice if you need a portable or temporary space for your pet.

Underground electronic pet containment systems provide your dog the freedom to play and roam while keeping him safe within the boundaries of your yard. They can be installed on almost any property and are considerably less expensive than traditional fencing. They are also a great alternative when subdivisions do not allow owners to construct visible fencing.

Be sure to choose the right method for you and your pet; then choose an experienced company to install l your containment choice and/or train your pet. Giving your pet the freedom to play safely at home is an essential part of his/her well being.