Hitting the Road with Your Pet

(Photo: glenoakanimalhospital.com)
cat driving
(Photo: glenoakanimalhospital.com)

Summer time and road trips go hand in hand and many people now travel with their pet. It is great to be able to bring your pet, but you should prepare properly so in case of an emergency or if your car breaks down, your pets will be safe. Even if you are just taking a road trip to the East End of Long Island it is good to be prepared. Some things to consider are:

Knowing where the local emergency veterinarian is where you are traveling to.

Have an extra dog leash, collar, foldable cat carrier, pet food, water and water bowl.

If your pet is not used to being in the car accept for going to the vet or groomers office, then think about taking them on shorter trips to get them used to it a few weeks prior.

Rescue Remedy is a great product to help calm a pet while on the road, and is a natural product.

Traveling with a dog can be a lot of fun, but safety even inside the car is important. Crating a dog while in the car works great, and many people who show dogs, this is the only way how they will travel with their dog while on the road. There are also seat belts for dogs these days, mainly harnesses that have seatbelt attachments.

Bring a portable pet first-aid kit and have any medication your pet is on with, as well as medical records from the pets vet.

Make sure where you are traveling too does not have breed restrictions on dogs, or species of certain reptiles. Some areas can confiscate a breed of dog or reptile that may be outlawed. Check state and local laws before you leave town with your pet.

Staying at a hotel? Make sure it is pet friendly, highly recommended for pets and has amenities for pets nearby or has a listing for you when you arrive.

Parks – make sure if you decide to go into a park with your pet, that the pet is actually allowed there first. Camping? Some parks require a lot of paperwork if you are bringing a dog, i.e. proof of dog license, rabies vaccination proof and more. Check first!

Leaving your pet home? Book a pet sitter or day care in advance as they fill up fast in the summer months.

A few other things to take into consideration are, if the weather is different where you are traveling too. Is it hotter? Pets can have different reactions to such. Never brought your pet with you before? Sometimes a new environment can throw off even the calmest pet, be sure to watch for signs of distress. Just because you’re eating out, new foods or adding things to your diet, doesn’t mean you should do the same with your pet. Try to stick to their normal eating schedule and regular food and treats they eat at home. Most of all enjoy your vacation with your pet, but these above tips should help that!