Nassau Ticket Amnesty Program Extended to Sept.

Scofflaws who don't pay their outstanding parking and Red Light Camera fines face having a boot placed on their vehicle.

Good news scofflaws: Nassau County has extended its amnesty program for parking tickets and red light-camera violations.

County Executive Ed Mangano announced this week that the Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency pushed back the grace period late fees on all unpaid parking tickets issued prior to Jan. 1, 2010.

The amnesty program, which came into effect May 16, was supposed to end July 1, will now run until Sept. 15. But, be warned: after that date the county will begin an aggressive boot and tow effort to collect unpaid ticket fees.

“I am urging residents with outstanding tickets to take advantage of this amnesty period,” said Mangano. “No reductions will be offered once the amnesty program concludes. Any additional costs related to these efforts will be borne by the violator.”

Since the amnesty program was first instituted in May, approximately 2,531 eligible tickets have been closed, but more than 350,000 open parking tickets that are amnesty-eligible remain.

Vehicles with three or more unresolved parking violations or Red Light Camera Notices of Liability qualify as scofflaws under Boot and Tow Program. After the new deadline, all scofflaws’ vehicles will be immobilized and then moved and stored. The vehicle will not be released until all fines, surcharges and fees are paid in full.

According to Mangano, 20,685 vehicles are considered parking ticket scofflaws, valued at $9.6 million. In addition, there are 4,900 vehicles that are considered to be Red Light Camera scofflaws that total $1.6 million.