Top 10 Tuesday: Haunted Places on Long Island

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Halloween is only days away, and since we already took care of haunted houses, we decided to give our lovely readers something really scary to stew over.

This week we at the Long Island Press bring you the Top 10 list of Haunted Places on Long Island.

Long Island is known around the nation for many things, and spooky spots is one of them.

From the famous Amityville Horror House, whose hauntings spawned a best-selling book and nine movies to Hanging Tree of Patchogue, which was allegedly the chosen tree for hangings for those accused of witchcraft, Long Island sure boasts an array of different haunts.

Although we’re giving you this list, none of us involved in Top 10 Tuesday have actually visited any of these haunted places because, well, we’re too scared.

So for our brave readers who think “The Shining” is as scary as “Monsters Inc.” then move on to the next page—at your own risk, of course.

—With Jose-Thierry Joseph.

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