Nassau County Top Cops Surrender to District Attorney

Nassau cops indicted
Nassau cops surrendering to DA. In this picture is second Deputy Commissioner William Flanagan (Photo credit: Rashed Mian/Long Island Press
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Former Nassau County Police Second-Deputy Commissioner William Flanagan surrenders to the Nassau County District Attorney’s office.

Nassau County Police Department Second Deputy Commissioner William Flanagan and retired Detective Sergeant Al Sharpe surrendered themselves to the Nassau County District Attorney’s office early this morning, to face potential charges related to an alleged thwarted police investigation regarding the son of an associate of the Nassau County Police Department Foundation.

Flanagan and Sharpe’s surrender is the latest news in a still-unfolding saga sparked by a March 31, 2011 Long Island Press cover story, titled “Membership Has Its Privileges: Is NCPD Selling Preferential Treatment”. That story prompted the Nassau County District Attorney’s office to open an investigation into the nonprofit Nassau County Police Department Foundation.

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Flanagan, head down and silent, rolled up to the steps of the District Attorney’s office in Mineola in a tinted-out black Suburban. He took no questions from reporters as he slowly walked inside.

Sharpe arrived about 20 minutes later, accompanied by his attorney, Anthony Grandinette, who asserted his client’s innocence.

“Al Sharpe’s a terrific man. He’s a wonderful husband and father. He’s been a dedicated cop for 27 years. He’s done nothing but provide exemplary service to members of this community. He loves the residents of Nassau County. He’s been nothing but, I believe, an asset to the Nassau County Police Department. He’s engaged in absolutely no impropriety ort criminal activity and we are 100% confident that at the conclusion of this case, that’s what the outcome will show.”

The Press cover story exposed a burglary at Bellmore John F. Kennedy High School, in which $3,000 of electronics equipment was stolen. Zachary Parker, 20, the son of the nonprofit Nassau County Police Department Foundation associate Gary Parker, was arrested and charged for the alleged crime in October by the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office.

“Calls from the commissioner’s office were made and police officers were pressured not to make an arrest, despite knowing the perpetrator,” read the Press’ October follow-up story, “Press Article Sparks Investigation, Arrest.”

Flanagan, Sharp and Deputy Chief of Patrol John Hunter, are expected to be arraigned today in Mineola.