Top 10 Tuesday: Top 10 Tuesdays


We at the Long Island Press take pride in our Top 10 Tuesday lists. We hope you like them too!

Each week we work hard, putting in hours upon hours of research to concoct the best lists we can, sometimes enlisting your help too, like Top 10 Long Island Town That are Hard to Pronounce. It’s Mass-a-pe-qua—Unfortunately, we couldn’t help you pronounce it, but Barry Botstwick can.

Other lists we coordinated with party holidays like New Years and Thanksgiving Eve to help out our loyal readers who were looking for plans. For Top 10 Tuesday: New Year Eve Places we suggested great places to share a New Year’s kiss and for Top 10: Thankgiving Eve Spots, we suggested places to rock out at before Turkey Day.

But this week it’s different. Instead of suggesting or focusing on something outside of our office, we want to turn inward and reflect on the history of Top 10 Tuesday. This week, we are going to highlight the top, Top 10 Tuesdays that boast the highest readership numbers.

Some will surprise you while others are more obvious (hint…Maxi Mounds!). Here’s the results (you can check out all our Top 10 Tuesday lists here):

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