Travel Diary: Discover The History, The Beauty & The Glory Of Greenport

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Experience all that is historic, breathtaking and fun-filled in Greenport

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A truly memorable road trip includes several distinct characteristics.

A choice destination must be unique. It must stand on its own as a place of intrigue, fascination. It must exude a certain magnetism that captures your imagination and systemically draws you in, leading you ever so closer with each passing thought or mention, inevitably rendering you powerless to resist its enigmatic allure and compelling you to transport yourself and/or a loved one to its inviting, heartstring source.

A choice destination must be memorable. It must leave a lasting impression on your very soul and forever imprint a small part of itself on who you are and all you may do afterward.

A choice destination must also be welcoming and exciting, offering delectable food and drink, of course, yet also possessing an equal amount of options that foster relaxation and contemplation, creating those choice and too-rare moments to reflect upon your life and your loved ones, and meditate on these special gifts and those with whom you share it, heal your spirit and rejuvenate your soul.

Fear not, fellow day-tripping motorists and adventure-seekers, you need not journey to the ends of the Earth to experience such a place. Long Island is loaded with these exact hometown hotspots.

Renowned for its rich history, natural splendors and present-day wonders, the idyllic village of Greenport on Long Island’s North Shore is but one, attracting like-minded expeditionists the world over to relish in its breathtaking beauty and majestic glory.

Some might say it’s one of LI’s best-kept secrets.

Yet the road to such a magical realm demands an equally choice chariot, and luckily, NY Auto Giant possesses a vast array of extraordinary vehicles to ensure your trek to this storied village is as memorable as the amazing experiences you’ll have once there.

NY Auto Giant
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Wait, what’s that you say? Style, elegance, power!?

Ah, yes, dear friends. A 2015 Cadillac ATS 2.0-Liter Turbo Coupe radiates all these virtues, and so much more. Yes, she will bring you to this fantastical nook, dear adventure vagabonds. She will bring you home.

This beauty boasts turbocharged performance, a roomy and luxurious interior and style, style, style!

Because whether it’s the sweet, healing elixirs at Kontokosta Winery you seek or the aromatic hues of Lavender By The Bay–a family run lavender farm in nearby East Marion and one of the largest in the country–the road to Greenport is paved with adventure.

Roll up to Sep’s Farmstand on your way into town, won’t you, and toss some farm-fresh vegetables and fruit in a basket in the back seat—maybe a gorgeous, fresh-cut bouquet of flowers for the lady friend? Of course! Road trips are romantic, especially when riding into town in a pink rose-scented Cadillac!

Yes, dear road warriors, unfortunately, it is true that what we call time is ever fleeting. So a stop at Tick Tock Miniature Golf is just what the doctor has ordered to help sear this epic road journey into your go-to-stories-to-share for generations to come!

If it’s history that’s your love, you are surely in the right place! Greenport was once a bustling whaling and shipbuilding port, and there are many, many sights to see from its long-ago seafaring past!

Check out the 1840 Schoolhouse Museum, pay a visit to the Blacksmith’s Shop, the East End seaport Museum, the Lighthouse, the Greenport Jail and Police Museum, Railroad Museum, the Stirling Historical Society Museum-Ireland House, and 4-acre Mitchell Park, right in the center of the village!

Next, take a Walking Tour and learn all about this historic village’s past, a trip across the bay aboard the environmentally friendly vessel Glory, the Fireboat Fire Fighter floating museum, or soak in the vibes and spirits on a North Fork Wine Tour!

Hungry? Thirsty? Of course you are!

Supercharge those engines at Aldo’s Coffee and Biscotti and Coronette Luncheonette, munch on some pastries over at the Blue Duck Bakery, a slice or pie at 1943 Pizza Bar, Emilio’s, La Capricciosa and Rolling In Dough Pizza, toss back a pint or two at the Biere Bar and Restaurant and Whiskey Wind, and devour the most succulent seafood treats at Claudio’s Clam Bar, Claudio’s Crabby Jerry’s on the waterfront, Deep Water Bar and Grille, Little Creek Oyster Farm and Market, Skipper’s, Vino N Vittles, or more!

Enjoy some craft brew at Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, revel in the bizarre cinematic wonders of the Camera Obscura—one of the world’s only such public-access dark rooms—catch some live music at Billy’s By The Bay, then go and sing your own true song down by the harbor!

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No visit to Greenport would be complete without a spin or three on the backs of some of the majestic creatures whirling about the village’s Antique Carousel. and as you twirl atop those colorful vintage critters, one hand on the reins, your other in the soothing grip of your loved ones, shout it out with pride to all those curious bystanders watching from the lawn: “New York Auto Giant! New York Auto Giant! New York Auto Giant!”

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