Horoscopes by PsychicDeb for September 2017

Horoscopes 2017

Aries – ruling planet in 6th house – be cautious about taking on a greater workload than you can handle. This month’s tasks require much concentration; you won’t be able to dash off a project in a moment of inspiration. Be shrewd, read between the lines, see possible pitfalls for the future.

Taurus – ruling planet in the 4th house – someone with a flair for working on domesticity plays a key role. You’ll learn something about the past that throws new light on old problems. Your brother, sister or close kin are involved. Listen to the voice of intuition; you can come up with a solution.

Gemini – ruling planet conjunct Mars – communication is the key word. A co-worker who is oblivious to what you are trying to do may oppose you. You’ll have to make your intentions clear, even if your schedule has to be changed. Romantic vibes are in the air later; you’ll show love by helping another.

Cancer – an ambitious new trend helps you get in on the ground floor of a daring enterprise. Pull away from old influences; independence and originality will pull you out of a bad mood. A stimulating new romantic prospect arrives on your doorstep.

Leo – ruling planet in the 2nd house – its an important month for business, love, or money. You’ll see the most practical path to take. Confer with a leader in one field; don’t accept second-hand advice. You’re about to gain greater prestige and admiration. The number 8 is lucky for you this month.

Virgo – ruling planet in the 1st house – this month the focus is on prestige, important people and leadership. Don’t attempt to cut corners or break rules in an effort to impress another. Stick to a conservative, slow but steady path of endeavor. This is a testing period. You’ll see if you’re ready for more responsibility.

Libra – ruling planet sextile Jupiter – keep a promise made to a younger relative. A recreational event is on schedule and could remind you of the past. You’ll relive old times by giving some pointers to youngsters. An older person, who is also a key figure this month, helps you. This month’s lucky number is 2.

Scorpio – Mars in the 11th house – popularity increases; you’ll be on the move. Romance is light hearted; you’ll shy away from commitments or permanent arrangements. Focus on travel, parties and investigation of a stimulating subject. Sagittarius and Gemini figure prominently.

Sagittarius – ruling planet opposite Uranus – focus on humanitarian or charity work with a universal viewpoint. You’ll see how to help others on a grand scale. Make intelligent investments; the watch word is “caution”. A sale of equipment could net you a profit. Listen to a Capricorn.

Capricorn – T square Saturn Jupiter Uranus – complete projects; throw out or give away possessions no longer in use. You’re coming to the end of one phase of life and the beginning of a new chapter. Don’t cling to the past or to a family member who needs to learn to walk alone. See the big picture. Look out for a Leo.

Aquarius – Venus opposite natal Sun – words of love are on the agenda. You’ll meet a dramatic person who wants your complete attention. Be ready for a round of local events that put you in the center of lively crowds. A fascinating romance can develop. The lucky number is 1.

Pisces – Mars opposite natal Sun – charisma and charm surround you. You’ll attract someone who had a physical relationship in mind. This person is likely to lead up to serious matters after a lovely gift is given to you that is hard to refuse. You have an important choice to make. Count on number 1.


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