Horoscopes By PsychicDeb For January 2019


Aries – Your popularity is high; invitations pour in. You may have a difficult time deciding between events. You want to do everything, go everywhere. Relatives, neighbors, and close daily associates will warm to your spontaneity and sense of humor. Gemini plays a role.

Taurus – You are fed up with what is trivial. You’re more interested in solid achievements this month. A civic project needs your talents and will regard you with great satisfaction at a job well done. Be ready with shrewd plans that really work.

Gemini – Many changes will be made at home this month. You’re ready for excitement including communication with a fascinating person. Be open to new ideas or projects including a writing project that is in time with the season. Contact a Virgo.

Cancer – This month’s spotlight is on beautification of surroundings. Your decorating skills are enhanced. You’ll work well with color, design, and arranging art objects or furniture. Your home and family become especially important. Entertain at home.

Leo – An affair of the heart intrigues but puzzles you at the same time. Someone you’re close to seems aloof, beyond reach. You’ll dream dreams and entertain great expectations. Realize the difference between fantasy and fact. Pisces and Virgo people are in the picture.

Virgo – The full moon opens you to a greater realization about love, creativity, and the future. You’ll view the practical side of romance and marriage. A long-term relationship could ripen into something that really suits you. Your creative juices flow.

Libra – A burden will be lifted concerning a fellow employee or associate who expected you to do more than your share. You’ll be ready to take on a larger role in your environment. Let go of resentments, petty jealousies, fear, or doubts. Aries shows you the way to go.

Scorpio – Don’t be afraid to try out new ideas in your work. Original methods will speed up your job and leave you more time for enjoyment. Change your schedule to allow time for an exercise program. Your physical vitality can be renewed now.

Sagittarius – Follow a valid hunch where your partner, mate, or associate is concerned. This is not the time to go it alone You need the assurance of familiar faces. Listen to a younger family member. Play the role of a solid citizen.

Capricorn – Your popularity soars. You’ll want to travel, learn, or expand horizons in an amusing or intellectual way. A team effort will succeed if you allow your partner to make major decisions, especially about money and time. You’re on the prowl for adventure.

Aquarius – You’ll have the time to catch up with the details. Get together with someone who shares your financial resources and work out a realistic budget. You’ll be tested with more chores than you want but can make a good impression if you carry through.

Pisces – An affair of the heart intensifies. Your physical attraction will be high. You’ll be inclined to seek a secret hideaway and indulge your fancies. Take advantage of a sudden change in plans, a chance to travel or explore mysterious territory.

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