The Bruno: Seven Quarts Tavern’s Meal of A Bloody Mary

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Lauren Hill, owner of Seven Quarts Tavern, mixes up The Bruno, her bar’s take on a Bloody Mary.

With its resurgence in popularity, the Bloody Mary has been getting makeovers from numerous bars across the country.

In Northport, Seven Quarts Tavern, which boasts golds and rustic reds throughout the interior, offers tavern goers a variety of craft beers on tap and a dinner menu packed with burgers, salads and seafood dishes. It’s kicked things up a notch with its own unique take on the classic cocktail known for being the ideal hangover remedy for so many imbibers.

“This is a play on one of my buddies’ Bloody Marys,” says Lauren Hill, who bought the cozy gastropub with Clark Ridge in the fall of 2018. “He brings out a delicious batch for the [yacht] club members who stay out on the water overnight.”

Called The Bruno, Seven Quarts Tavern’s twist on the cocktail is made with traditional Bloody Mary ingredients, including tomato juice, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, and freshly squeezed lime and lemon juices. The major variations to the cocktail are added on at the end, and for imbibers with big appetites, the extras are filling, additional meals on top of what’s already included in the standard Bloody Mary.

“We include fresh homemade pickled asparagus along with a piece of blackened Cajun shrimp and a burger slider on a pretzel bun — courtesy of our chef, Justin Birtola,” Hill says. “You will never be disappointed from what this guy sends out of the kitchen. My partner and I adore him and everything about his M.O.”

Expect to see The Bruno on Seven Quarts Tavern’s brunch menu on Sundays. If the cocktail performs well, the owners may add it it to the tavern’s standard cocktail menu.

“It is a filling breakfast / hangover neutralizer that leaves you feeling great and prepared for the day ahead,” Hill says.

Seven Quarts Tavern is located at 688 Fort Salonga Rd. in Northport. It can be reached at 631-757-2000.