Top NY Court Temporarily Suspends Northport Village Justice


The New York State Court of Appeals temporarily suspended Tuesday longtime Northport Village Justice Paul Senzer, who plans to appeal a recent judicial watchdog panel’s recommendation that he be removed from the bench.

Senzer, who has held the part-time title since 1994, was suspended with his $10,000 annual pay, effective immediately, according to the unanimous ruling from the panel of seven judges at the state’s highest court who are reviewing the matter.

The state Commission on Judicial Conduct has recommended Senzer be permanently removed for using “vile” language in email exchanges with a client of his private law practice. That includes referring to his clients’ daughter as a “bitch,” their daughter’s attorney as a “c*** on wheels,” their grandson’s school as “assholes,” and other foul language, according to the agency.

The panel rejected Senzer’s defense that he should not be sanctioned because the comments were made to clients of his private practice and not in his role as a village justice. But the agency maintained that his conduct as an officer of the court “reflect[s] adversely on the judiciary as a whole.”

Senzer’s attorney has said he plans to appeal the commission’s decision, which was issued on Oct. 17. He has 30 days to do so, but New York Law Journal reports that he has yet to file the motion.