NJ Mad Long Island Is Mocking Jersey Pizza, Bagels

This photo that @longislandmemess of a two men holding a “NJ Pizza Sucks” flag on Fire Island has annoyed the Garden State.

Somebody call the wahhhmbulance, because shots have been fired across state lines in the never-ending culinary debate over who makes the best pizza and bagels.

New Jersey is not happy with Long Islanders unfurling a pair of new flags disparaging the Garden State’s pizza and suggesting Jersey’s bagels rank second to LI’s.

After photos emerged on social media of “New Jersey Pizza Sucks” and “LI Bagels > NJ Bagels” flags being displayed in front of Town Pizza and Dockside Brick Oven Pizza and Deli, both in the Village of Ocean Beach on Fire Island, Jersey got all Snooky about it.

“About to go jersey on long island [right now],” the Twitter account @NJGov tweeted Wednesday morning along with screenshots of the offending flag photos. The Jersey Shore crowd vowed revenge in the comments.

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NJ is mad at LI over this bagel flag.

The flag photos were captured from a pair of Instagram accounts, including @longislandmemess, a company that sells the flags and others like it that similarly suggest LI is better than the armpit of America.

The company describes itself as “just two cousins from Kings Park, focused on bringing you laughs on Instagram and dope LI merch.”

The other was posted by @localsonlyli, a Northport-based clothing brand that said on Instagram that it’s partnered with LI Meme Co. to develop and sell the flags.

“Oh NJ, this is only the beginning,” Locals Only LI wrote while announcing the flag series.

Because, you know, we don’t have enough to worry about, 2020 apparently will be the year that the great pizza and bagel debate escalates. 

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