Rocko and Dexter

Scientific studies have shown that the act of petting an animal reduces stress and can even lower high blood pressure. We’re thinking everyone could use a little stress relief these days, so head down to your local shelter or rescue and bring home some therapy today!

Available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter


Looking into Calvin’s eyes, does your heart just break for him? You can just tell how sad and confused and lost he must be. This sweet, 2-year old boy came to the shelter as a stray after being found by the police. He is a nervous dog, seemingly not knowing what to do with toys, or attention. If staff and volunteers had to guess, he probably spent most of his time alone, perhaps outside, and under-socialized with people. Calvin is friendly with other dogs and enjoys meeting them, although he probably doesn’t know how to play yet. Everyone wants to see this sweetie in a loving, warm, safe forever home, and soon! If you are interested in learning more, please contact the shelters  placement team at (516)785-5220,, or

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter 


Chloe is a gorgeous 4- year-old Domestic Shorthair. Chloe suffers from a seizure disorder which is easily managed by two separate medications daily and bi-annual blood work. She was adopted from the Animal Shelter as a kitten and was then surrendered to the Animal Shelter because her family could not manage this disorder. She is gentle and calm and has previously lived with other cats, small children, and a small dog, making her a good fit for just about any home. Chloe is an absolute mush, she loves to be pet and to be brushed. Chloe is patiently waiting for her happily ever after in a caring home and loving family.  If you are interested in adopting Chloe, please call 631-360-7575 today for more information.

Currently, there are a variety of male and female cats & kittens available to adopt or foster. If you are looking for a fun loving, yarn tossing ball of love, stop by the Kitten Nursery or the Cat Condos at the Smithtown Animal Shelter and find a PURR-fect soulmate or two!

Available for adoption through North Shore Animal League America

Elijah and Joshua

*Double Adoption* No matter what Elijah (Adoption #L80705) and Joshua (Adoption #L80706) survived outside on the local streets, they faced it together, and together is how they will share their lives. As content as these bonded 5-month-old brothers are to experience the wonders of their sunlit room in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, they’re even more in love with the idea of checking out their first real home. Keep those treats and ear rubs coming because Elijah and Joshua are ready to be family members today!


You’re going to think tiny Calypso (Adoption #E3737) is a kitten, but this lovely hurricane survivor is actually a 2-year-old who recently completed mama cat duties in our nursery. Her dedication to her babies will be rewarded as NSALA helps her find what is probably her first safe home. Can you picture yourself cradling her and reassuring her that she’ll always be your baby?

Rocko and Dexter

*Double Adoption* Rocko (Adoption #H209753) and Dexter (Adoption #H209754) are a dynamic duo looking out for each other as we look out for them. When their beloved owner became ill, these bonded 1-year-old brothers needed NSALA’s help. Rocko is a quiet observer who enjoys treats and ear rubs, while Dexter is a little more interested in adventure as long as it leads him back for a chin scratch. We find them irresistible and look forward to seeing them in a home again soon. If you’d like to offer your lap, they’ll repay you with ample purrs of gratitude for their second chance at being a cherished member of a family.


Sensational Sadie (Adoption #BF3144) is ready be part of your family! This slightly shy 6-month-old kitten doesn’t need a lot of encouragement to join in on the fun, and feline friends are a wonderful boost to her confidence. She’s a purrfect choice for families with older children looking for a pleasant playmate for their pets. Sadie’s rough beginnings on the local streets is behind her now; she’ll be delighted to look ahead at life as a cherished member of the family. If Sadie sounds like the missing piece of your heart, please ask about meeting her today!

Shere Khan and Bhageera

*Double Adoption* At North Shore Animal League America, we’re all big fans of the senior experience. The only thing better than one senior is a bonded pair! When 12-year-old Shere Khan (Adoption #BF3566) and 9-year-old Bhageera (Adoption #BF3567) lost their home, they stuck together to help each other through their crisis. Bhageera is already braving it and showing her brother that it’s worth snuggling with their new friends. She’s an established lap warmer who wastes no time proving our point about the wonders of senior adoption. Although Shere Khan is more tentative than his sister, he can’t help but drop his guard for the chance at some ear rubs and treats. Other than being FIV+, the duo have a clean bill of health and are ready for the next step. Love is the bare necessity missing in Shere Khan and Bhageera’s lives. Open your heart to some senior love and start a new chapter in their story.


Are you looking for someone new to discover? You don’t need to go on a faraway safari to meet your new best friend.  7-month-old Kenya (Adoption #WV0628) may be the sweet addition you long for! Shy at first, this adorable explorer can’t help but join in with her playgroup. Kenya’s manners are impeccable, making her a lovely choice for homes with other cats who would love a respectful kitten to take under their wing. Someone with children 10+ and a little cat experience who can help her have a successful transition to her first real home will be all she needs to discover happiness in your nurturing hands. NSALA is hoping your home is Kenya’s final destination!

Reach out to for more about adopting any one of NSALA’s adorable adoptables!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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