Chambers of Hell is Back in All Its Horrible Halloween Glory

Photo by Joe Ferrazano.

The days are growing cooler, the evenings are growing darker, the turning leaves have begun to decorate the streets, and Halloween is rapidly approaching. While last year’s festivities may have been marred by the ongoing (and still with us) Covid-19 pandemic, this year looks to mark a bit of a return to form for Long Island’s eerie attractions, namely Chambers of Hell, one of the country’s top-rated Halloween haunts located right here on the island at 1745 Expressway Dr. North in Hauppauge.   

After operating in an extremely limited capacity in 2020, Chambers of Hell is back in full gear for 2021 and is inviting anyone looking to get into the spirit of the season to return for three horrifying haunted attractions, as well as a brand-new haunted escape room. Inside each of these elaborately designed haunts, brave patrons will test their mettle against a host of strange and sadistic characters who lie in wait in grim and grisly settings to meet you face-to-gruesome-bloody-face. 

Recreational terror is a beloved Halloween staple for many, but Chambers of Hell has a special knack for leaving its patrons unsure of whether or not what they’re witnessing is macabre theater or the real disturbing deal. Of course, it’s all an act, right? That’s a harder question to answer when you’re stuck within the walls of one of these highly regarded haunts and your only option is to move forward into the darkness… 

ChambersOfHell 6
JR Messina Photography

Chambers of Hell has been rated the number one haunted house in New York multiple times over, and you’ll see why if you can make it through all three haunts without turning tail.

The first stop on your way through Hell on Earth is Nightshade. Set in a secret laboratory beneath a water treatment plant in Brooklyn, this attraction takes you through the aftermath of a series of unspeakable experiments gone wrong. You’ll be trying to avoid an onslaught of plant/human hybrids that have overtaken the lab as you traverse your way past whatever horrors were left behind when all those who created them left.

Next up is Buried Secrets, where you’ll witness a battle of biblical proportions waged beneath the streets of New York City in darkened sewers, abandoned subways, and skeleton-stuffed catacombs. Start out on a doomed subway car that groans and thrashes before coming to a halt just outside an unholy battleground where hordes of demons attempt to drag you to hell, and all that stands in their way is a divine army known as the Archangels. 

Finally, you’ll be getting into the Christmas spirit—sort of—with Slasher 74. It’s Christmas Eve and you’re an unwelcome guest in the home of a murderous family who has a less-than-traditional way of celebrating the season. A grisly scene set to unusually unsettling classic Christmas music awaits around every awful corner, and so do your horrible hosts.  

Chambers of Hell 2021 is open Friday-Sunday every weekend in October, as well as the final two Thursdays (Oct. 21 and 28) and Columbus Day (Oct. 11). Escape the Haunt, its brand-new haunted escape room is the only one of its kind on the entire Eastern Seaboard. It’s open every Tuesday and Wednesday until Oct. 20. Times vary by the day. 

Tickets and more info can be found at chambersofhell.com.

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