Something to Wine About: Paumanok Dry Rosé 2022

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It isn’t often a wine label translates to completely on point but in the case of the Paumanok Dry Rosé 2022 vintage, it captures the wine beautifully. Most often, labels with tasting notes convey the flavors the winemaker hopes the public will perceive. However, this wine label nails it.

This wine has notes of cranberry, strawberry, and apple. It is light to medium bodied with a dry finish. Pairing suggestions include summertime picnics, simple antipasto, and seas-side dining. One might add that this wine also has subtle notes of watermelon. It finishes with a wonderful balanced acidity, no acid burn at the end like some overly dry rosés.

This is a fun wine with an easy to open screw top and a lovely label with a relaxing zen-like photo of the pristine beach.

This dry rosé is crafted from 63% cabernet sauvignon and 38% cabernet franc. It is a rosé like one might find in Bordeaux. The flavor profile is reminiscent of that area. However, this wine retails for only $26 a far more affordable cost than a plane ticket to Bordeaux.

If you do want to travel, but locally, a wonderful place to enjoy this wine might be Paumanok Vineyards where the wine is created. Paumanok Vineyards is a beautiful and serene place to enjoy all the wonderful wines produced at Paumanok. PaumaokVineyards is a family owned and run vineyard and there is an astute quote from patriarch Charles Massoud defining the essence of winemaking, “Winemaking is less of an art and more of a partnership between the Winemaker and Mother Nature…unfortunately, she’s the senior partner.” In this instance, thankfully, the partnership is more than fruitful.