Elaia Estiatorio: The Spirit of Greek Joy In A Glass


Elaia Estiatorio: The Spirit of Greek Joy In A Glass

Crafting a cocktail that embodies an experience is challenging, but Elaia Estiatorio achieves this with Kefi, drawing on Greek inspirations to capture the drink’s lively essence.

“Kefi is a Greek word meaning the spirit of joy, enthusiasm, high spirits, and frenzy, in which good times and a passion for life are expressed with abundance of excitement, happiness and fun,” says Mike Donelan, general manager of Elaia Estiatorio, a Greek restaurant in the Hamptons. “Elaia uses Kefi in everything we do. From our kitchen staff, who love cooking with vibrant Mediterranean flavors, to our bartenders, who constantly create unique cocktails with our diverse range of Greek spirits, to knowledgeable servers who understand Elaia, it is an experience — a respite and a vacation where you can relax or have a great time with a group. Ask anybody who’s celebrated a birthday with us. We love to have fun.”

The cocktail is made with 21 Seeds Cucumber Jalapeño tequila and a subtle addition of Ouzo Plomari. It’s balanced with fresh lime and pineapple, and served with a Black Sea Lave Salt rim and a cucumber slice garnish. 

“Every bar and restaurant has its variation on the margarita, but our Greek version, with fresh lime, balances the Ouzo perfectly alongside the cucumber and jalapeño. It also works well with mezcal, blanco tequila, or reposado,” he says. “Ouzo and tequila are made for Kefi.”

Kefi is one of the restaurant’s No. 1-selling cocktails, according to Donelan.

“It’s also one that is refreshing in the summer and fortifying in the winter,” he says. “We update our cocktail list seasonally but this is a year-rounder that stays.”

Elaia Estiatorio is located at 95 School St., Bridgehampton, and can be reached at 631-613-6469.