Round Out February With A New Pet! Animals For Adoption On Long Island

Adoption Payton Featured

As pet ownership expenses increase, saving money becomes essential. Opting to adopt from a shelter or rescue is much less expensive than buying from a breeder or pet store. Adoption fees often include vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and microchipping, with many municipal shelters offering promotions including free adoptions. So don’t delay—adopt your new best friend today! 

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

Adoption Payton

Meet thoughtful one-year-old Payton, she’s adjusting to life in New York after leaving her island home in Puerto Rico. There’s nothing to fear for this sweet rescue; the rest of her life will be filled with the love of her doting humans. Offering her a safe place to call home is like opening a whole new world for her, one she’d only dreamt of.

Adoption Tilly

*Double Adoption* One-year-old sisters Tilly and Tammy were delivered to Animal League America by a local rescuer. Treats and playtime are excellent incentives to help them adjust to new settings. Before you know it, you’ll have these adoring sisters thanking you for completing their rescue story. Older children in the home will provide the consistency they need to thrive.

Adoption Luna

*Double Adoption* Sweet two-year-old sisters Luna and Leia came a very long way to meet their furever family. Animal League America promised these delightfully cautious sisters a restart that will give them the happiness they once knew. Both of them have settled into shelter life with a mild curiosity for wand play and enthusiastic interest in treat parties. A cat-experienced home with older children will help fill these girls up with the love they need.

Adoption Shakespaw

To cat or not to cat? That is the question! William Shakespaw has a tale to share with the lucky family who becomes his future audience. This six-month-old kitty was locally rescued and, despite some heart issues, has become the Bard of Bianca’s Furry Friends, scooting into the arms of his visitors, never turning down a good long nuzzle. William will need an echocardiogram in the spring and possibly a balloon valvuloplasty to improve his heart health. He’s looking for a foster home that we hope will become his purrament one.

Adoption Alfredo

*Senior Alert* Alfredo firmly believes that his best years are ahead! Vets have set this terrific ten-year-old tuxedo up with a healthy plan for his hyperthyroidism, which is covered through Animal League America’s Pet Health Centers at cost. Alfredo leaves behind a tumultuous past; we want his future to be filled with all the love and safety he’s always deserved. Get ready for his headbutts of gratitude and be prepared to have your heart stolen by Alfredo!

Adoption Fella

Fella is a swell one-year-old guy—everyone just loves him! His exuberant purrsonality has but he captivated the hearts of his friends from the moment he arrived. Prior to his transport, he was down on his luck in a local municipal center. He seems to want to make up for lost time! A purrmanent place with cat-experienced adults is just what this little Fella was missing from his life, and we’re thrilled to support him!

AdoptioN Dumpling

Sweet six-year-old Dumpling found herself in a whirlwind of change when she lost her home. But Bianca’s Furry Friends proved to be a safe place for her to land while she waits for new opportunities. This gentle lady craves tranquility. A patient, experienced adopter will provide her with the comfort she needs to settle back into a loving home.

If you’re ready to open your heart and home to any of these fabulous felines, contact [email protected] or visit their Port Washington campus today!

Available for adoption at Tender Loving Cats

Adoption Pee Wee

Pee Wee was rescued with a URI and eye infections. This kitten has some corneal scarring in his left eye, but that doesn’t stop him from playing and seeing. This boy will purr loudly when you pet him…his purring machine also activates when you come over to feed him or play wand toys with him. Running, climbing and jumping with his littermates is what he loves best. Cat trees, tunnels, fuzzy mice and fuzzy balls are his favorite toys. You will find him cuddled up in a cat bed or next to you if you want to pet him, once the playing is done. He enjoys other cats in the fosters home. This sweet boy had a rough start but is now ready for a great home where he can be loved.

Adoption Nevermore

Nevermore is a semi feral cat who was rescued from the streets of Long Island. She is such a beautiful soul. She has shown her appreciation for being indoors and gives love to her foster. Nevermore is also good with other calm cats and would make a great companion for someone who is looking for a gentle lady. Nevermore enjoys getting attention and would like nothing more than to find a great she can call her own. 

Adoption Yodie

Yodie is an affectionate cat who enjoys other cats company. Yodie is easily startled so a quiet home would be best for her. This kitty prefers to be pet at eye level, whether on a cat tree or other furniture, and when she wants pets, Yodie will run up to you, look at you, and then run to the nearest cat tree and flop over belly up, already purring for pets. Yodie scratches her own ear when she wants to be pet like “hey look! do like this!” Yodie likes to sleep in bed with you if the other cats permit but is very non-confrontational and respectful of their space. You will enjoy hearing a tiny squeak of a meow as she is chatty and talks a lot. If she hears other cats being pet and purring, she will run to join. She does seem to take cues from the other cats in the house and would benefit from a confident dominant leader cat in the household.

To adopt Pee Wee, Nevermore or Yodie, complete an adoption application by visiting https://www.tenderlovingcats.org/adoption-application.html. For more information, email [email protected]

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter

Adoption Rosemary

Sweet and petite Rosemary is a brown tabby, approximately 1 ½ – 2 year old, brought to the shelter as a stray. She is shy and hesitant at first. However, once she lets her guard down you will quickly learn how much she adores a good petting on the top of her head and face. When she’s hungry, Rosemary lets out the cutest little chirp, and is quickly getting comfortable around humans every day.  Rosemary would do best in a quiet home with older cats and possibly dogs. Welcoming this furry little companion into your heart and home will be rewarded with lots of love and purr-fection!

If you are interested in meeting Rosemary, call 631-360-7575 or fill out an application at https://www.townofsmithtownanimalshelter.com/applications

Available for adoption through Lend-a-Paw 

Adoption Gucci

Gucci is a gorgeous, coppery brindle girl with lots of love to share! In fact, she might be the snuggliest dog you’ll ever meet: if you lay down on the sofa, she’ll find a way to either cuddle behind your back or curl up by your legs to keep you safe and warm. She’s super-sweet and a perfect companion for the cool winter days ahead. She also knows lots of tricks and commands and loves to learn. She would do well in an adult home where someone can spend quality time with her, and where she can be the only pet to enjoy your love and attention. Thanks to her behavioral training and wonderful veterinarians, she’s been able to overcome her initial separation anxiety and can be crated for 4+ hours a day when you leave the home.

Adoption Krypton

Introducing Kryptonite! In the latter part of July 2023, 2-year-old Kryptonite’s life took a positive turn when she was rescued from the euthanasia list in NYC. While she may be feeling scared and bewildered by recent events, she has begun to form connections with the female staff members, although it’s taking a bit more time with the male staff. Kryptonite possesses an independent spirit, taking pleasure in pursuing her own interests. She will greatly benefit from an experienced adopter who understands the need for her to undergo a decompression process. 

Adoption Junie

Junie is a beautiful, sweet mixed breed, approximately 3 years old. Her two different colored eyes charm everyone she meets. Junie is playful and active and would do best in a home with space for her to run and play (and wiggle!). She loves to run and chase tennis balls. While inside, she just wants to be near her people and get pets. If you let her, she’ll snuggle right on your lap. Junie is extremely friendly with strangers and loves anyone willing to give her attention. She has had a few successful dog meets through the fence and on walks. She gets very excited, so If you have a dog in the home already, she would need a slow introduction. Junie is house-trained, loves her crate and has a super sweet disposition. 

Adoption Nick

Nick is about 3 years old and a fan favorite. He’s rather vocal when he wants attention, and  loves being pet and cuddled. He was diagnosed with rhinitis; a chronic condition wherein the inside of his nose is inflamed so he always sounds congested. He does not require any medication and can be around other cats. 

Adoption Lola

*Senior Alert* Lola was surrendered in August 2022 along with her sister Juno. Both were in horrible condition. Lolas’ nails had never been cut so they had grown into her paw pads, causing her a ton of pain. She is estimated to be about 11 years old and needs slow introductions to new people but loves to be pet once she learns to trust you. She LOVES other cats and can always be found near another resident cat or cuddled up with one. 

Adoption Boots

Boots, along with his sister and a few other cats were rescued from a hoarding situation in August of 2023. They were so scared and were always huddled together and whenever one had to leave, whether it be to a vet appointment or just to be examined, the other would start crying. Since then, Boots has made such progress and is ready to find his forever home. He loves to interact with the other resident cats so it’s recommended that he is adopted either with his sister or with a family who has another cat. This little guy is only about 10-months old, so let’s give him the purrfect live he deserves. 

To apply for adoption, please visit www.lendapawinc.com/adoption

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!