Rein In March With A New Pet! Animals For Adoption On Long Island


Here are animals available for adoption on Long Island!

Available for adoption at Hope for Cleo Animal Rescue


Daphne is an adorable 8-month-old poodle mix eagerly awaiting her forever home. With her fluffy coat and irresistible charm, she’s ready to steal your heart! She’s a playful pup with lots of energy to burn. Whether it’s fetch in the backyard or long walks in the park, she’s always up for an adventure! This gal is full of love, cuddles, and puppy kisses just waiting to be shared with her new family. Daphne is great with other dogs and humans of all ages, so she’ll fit right in.


Sable’s bags are packed and ready to start her forever journey with you! This incredibly sweet and cuddly companion with a bubbly personality weighs is still tiny at only 12 lbs (possibly growing to be about 20lbs). She loves playtime as much as naptime and is the perfect cuddle buddy. You’ll find yourself wanting to hold her all day! 


Meet three adorable rescue puppies; Nutcracker, Winter, and Blizzard, all with an incredible story to share. It’s hard to imagine these sweethearts were left in a garbage to die. Found starving, but just in time, they were given a second chance at a happy and healthy life by Hope for Cleo Animal Rescue. Despite their rough start, they are full of energy and love to play and snuggle. They are great with children and are eager to receive all the love in the world. They all get along fabulously with other dogs, so if you already have a furry friend at home, they would make the perfect playmate!

For more information about Hope for Cleo’s adorable adoptables, visit www.HopeForCleo.com

Available for adoption through Lend-a-Paw 


As sweet as his name, Dulce is good with dogs, cats and kids, making him literally the perfect addition to any home. At just 3-months-old, he’s ready to become a permanent fixture in your life, so don’t wait- inquire about this lovebug today!

Adoption Thor

The magnificent Thor is a true bundle of love and joy, guaranteed to fill any home with warmth and laughter. His affectionate nature shines through as he adores couch and bed cuddles. Thor’s favorite sleeping position, on his back with limbs sprawled, speaks to his comfort and relaxation. His preferred toys are the big and fluffy kind, or something he can sit and chew on, showcasing his playfulness. He’s working on his separation anxiety, and his progress is commendable-each day brings improvement. He’s averse to closed doors, a sentiment many of us share. Thor is a cooperative shower buddy, allowing paw touching, belly rubs, and kisses. House trained and well-behaved, he has access to a yard and doesn’t have in-house accidents. Thor doesn’t require crating, showing excellent behavior even when left alone.

Adoption Ivory

Earlier this year, Ivory was saved from the euthanasia list, marking a turning point in her journey. Ivory stands as a magnificent example of beauty, loyalty, and affection. To ensure her optimal growth and well-being, Ivory would thrive in a home where she has the companionship of a spirited and playful dog who can guide her along the way. While she adores children, Ivory isn’t fully aware of her own size, thus a household with kids aged 13 and older would suit her best. Although she’s crate trained, Ivory experiences anxiety when new people enter her space, requiring a patient owner who can facilitate gradual introductions. She’s adept at learning routines swiftly, demonstrating her eagerness to explore, walk, and share love. At around 1 year old, Ivory is an endearing, silly, and affectionate pup!


Blossom is a 5-month-old rescue who loves lots of attention and affection. Once she knows you are just there to love her, she will lay on her side and ask for belly rubs! She is so playful and does well with others.


Archie was rescued from NYCACC late last year after becoming rather sick. His cold symptoms have subsided; however, he does have kidney disease which is maintained with only one medication. Don’t let that stop you from falling in love with Archie – he will steal your heart especially since he loves belly rubs and rubbing all over you! 


Someone was feeding Oliver when they noticed a large wound on his inner leg. After bringing him to the vet, they needed him to stay indoors while he healed and the wound needed to be cleaned daily. The feeder couldn’t commit, so Lend-a-Paw jumped in. Even though Oliver was in pain, he was the sweetest boy and allowed all handling. He is very mellow and loves to lay in his bed and be comfy all day! He gets along great with the other cats, and is about 2-years-young. 

To apply for adoption, please visit www.lendapawinc.com/adoption

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter


Introducing Mohawk; a short-haired, black and white tuxedo kitty, approximately eight months old. This dapper domestic feline arrived at the Smithtown Animal Shelter with his littermates as part of the Town’s Trap, Neuter, Release program (TNR). While Mohawk took some time to trust humans and is still a little shy when meeting new faces, he is incredibly loving and affectionate with his caretakers. Once you make his acquaintance, Mohawk will devote your time together getting his fair share of TLC. Mohawk loves doing figure eights between his people’s ankles, falling asleep on a cozy lap, and rubbing against your shins. The Smithtown Animal Shelter believes Mohawk would do best in a quiet home. However, a home with older children, other cats, and possibly dogs would be okay as well. The key to win over Mohawk’s heart is just a touch of patience.

If you are interested in meeting Mohawk, call 631-360-7575 or fill out an application at https://www.townofsmithtownanimalshelter.com/applications

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America


Sweet-tempered Sage is taking in everything from the quiet corners of her hooded bed. Patience means everything to this angelic six-month-old creature, and you’ll be exactly what she needs when you offer her the tranquility of your loving home.

Adoption Obscurity

Being removed from the outdoor world of obscurity and placed in our loving care has left little six-month-old Obscurity feeling a bit overwhelmed. But accepting ear rubs and exploring his new freedoms will convince Obscurity that safe indoor living is life for him!

Adoption Wonderland

Eight-month-old Wonderland was rescued just in time for winter, sparing her from the harsh outdoors. After a pit stop with our vets to restore her health, she’s taking in all the changes in her life. Wonderland is quietly soaking in her good fortune, ready to embrace new opportunities. If you’re ready to give her the fresh start she deserves, she’s ready to bring joy and wonder to your home!


Life was an upstream battle for this timid four-month-old Stekoa, until her hero rescued her from the streets and brought her to safety. Now, she’s adjusting to a new, safer lifestyle and soaking up all the love and care around her. With time, patience, and the guidance of experienced cat lovers and older children, Stekoa’s future is looking brighter than ever!


*Senior Alert* After leaving a harrowing life behind lovely ten-year-old Magnolia is looking ahead to all the beautiful things she still has to discover, like a loving family and a peaceful home. This tender senior is determined to share the best years of her life with the purrfect adopter. She’s a divine choice for anyone wanting to experience the love and devotion of a seasoned feline friend.


Eight-month-old Misty arrived with a tummy full of troubles only Animal League America’s extraordinary vets could fix. Placed in a wonderful foster home, this delightful sprite had the opportunity to explore her surroundings like any kitten, while their Pet Health Center provided her with a special diet covered at cost. Misty is ready to pour her heart and soul into landing a purrmanent place with a furever adopter!


Ever since one-year-old Tamara arrived from Puerto Rico, she’s made herself very comfy in her new warm bed, confident that that humans now have her back. Those amber eyes and silky fur will dazzle any family that comes her way. Want to be the one she snuggles with next? Don’t miss out on adopting this utterly delightful little lady!

If you’re ready to open your heart and home to any of these fabulous felines, contact [email protected] or visit their Port Washington campus today!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!