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OpEd: Martin and Lewis — A Comedy Duo For the Ages

Unlike other teams — Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, or even Crosby and Hope — Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis brought a madcap, unpredictable dynamism to the stage.

9 Times Long Island Was a TV Sitcom Punchline

These sitcoms, many beloved and based in New York City, all found ways to joke about Long Island.

Jim Breuer Performs 3-Show Valentine’s Day Weekend Treat at The Paramount

Funnyman Jim Breuer is treating fans to a very special Valentine's Day Weekend comedic hat-trick: three hilarious stand-up performances at The Paramount in Huntington on the very same day!

Sebastian Maniscalco Kicks Off ‘Record-Breaking’ Sold-Out 10-Show Residency at Huntington’s Paramount

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco kicks off an 'unprecedented' and 'record-breaking' sold-out, 10-gig residency at The Paramount in Huntington this week!

Amy Schumer & Vogue Editor Anna Wintour Switch Jobs [Video]

Comedian Amy Schumer can now add Vogue editor-in-chief to her job resume. (Sort of).She trades places with legendary Vogue editor Anna Wintour, with hilarious results.

Colbert Gets Personal With Joe Biden: VP Talks Family, Loss &...

“My son was better than me,” confided Biden. “And he was better than me in almost every way.”

John Oliver Will Unleash Serious Hysterics at NYCB Theatre at Westbury

Journalism? Rebel comedy? Simply Oliver’s own witty charm, good looks and simple observations? All of the above!? Pure magic.

Jim Breuer Rocks The Paramount in Huntington

“You know Sunrise Highway?!?”

Foreign Comedy-Slash-Magic Is Almost As Cool As ‘MURICAN Comedy-Slash-Magic

Karl Einer Hackner Housen Shousen Weiner Whacker and his comedy magic from Sweeeeeeeden.