7.0 Earthquake Hits New Zealand

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New Zealand was hit with a 7.0-magnitude earthquake Tuesday night, near the city of Opunake. Fortunately, the large quake did not cause any major damage and there have been no reports of injuries, according to local news outlets.

GeoNet reports that the quake was 230km deep and 60km south of Opunake. Cities as far as Christchurch, Wellington, Blenheim, Kapiti Coast and Gisborne felt the shock of the quake. The quake was felt the most in Wellington city where many residents are still in shock. Some people have been evacuated to higher ground for precautions, according to local reports.

A local women told a New Zealand news website that the quake “just kept going and going.”

The Wellington Region Emergency Management Office said there are no threats of a tsunami.

The shocking earthquake was felt across the North Island from the Bay of Plenty to Canterbury. Although there were no damages, the people of New Zealand told local news outlets that they were still frightened following the quake.

The Taranaki Civil defense emergency management has been in contact with fire services and the Civil Defense but there have been no major damages. Cracked ceilings and streets have been reported to be the worst of the damages.

A 3.9-magnitude aftershock hit the area at 11: 07 p.m., 20km east of Christchurch. GeoNet reported the intensity of the shake as moderate.

New Zealand is still recovering from last year’s 6.3 magnitude earthquake that left 182 civilians dead.

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