Lindsay Lohan Pregnant?

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan in her March 2013 mug shot.

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan’s April Fools Day joke announcement that she’s pregnant didn’t go over so well given that the Merrick native is facing a 90-day sentenced of court-ordered drug rehab—again.

The 26-year-old Mean Girls star posted on Twitter, “Its official. Pregnant …” The tweet sparked a flurry of speculation over whether Lohan—who’s dating City of the Sun guitarist Avi Snow—was serious or her account was hacked until she deleted the post Tuesday and followed up with, “April Fools. Where’s everyone’s sense of humor?”

Some thought she was serious, offered congratulations and urged her to prepare for motherhood. Others blasted Lohan, whose rap sheet has continued to grow after several brief stints in Los Angeles jail in recent years.

She was on probation for stealing a necklace when she was arrested last fall for assaulting a woman in a Manhattan nightclub the same day California authorities charged her with lying to police and reckless driving in a crash, causing a judge to revoke her probation.

She pleaded no contest in March to the latest California crimes and was sentenced to 90 days in a lock-down rehab clinic to be treated for alcohol and prescription drug addiction, 30 days of community service and 18 months of psychotherapy, starting May 2.

Lohan is scheduled to appear on the Late Show with David Letterman next Tuesday to promote her guest appearance on Charlie Sheen’s FX series Anger Management and her role in Scary Movie 5, which hits theaters next month.