Ex-Southold Clerk Admits Stealing $230K from Court

Christine Stulsky
Christine Stulsky

A former senior Southold Town Justice Court clerk has admitted to stealing $230,000 in fines, bail money and other revenue from the court to pay for her personal expenses.

Christine Stulsky pleaded guilty Wednesday at Suffolk County court to grand larceny.

Prosecutors said the 65-year-old New Suffolk woman began stealing the money in  2009 while performing her duties of depositing fines and balancing the court’s bank accounts.

Judge John Collins is expected to sentence Stulsky on March 11 to six months in jail and five years’ probation, with drug and alcohol conditions.

She has also been ordered to pay the stolen funds back and will make her first payment of $50,000 this week.

Stulsky, who started working for the court in 1980, resigned following her arrest last year.