Horoscopes by PsychicDeb for November 2017

Horoscopes 2017

Aries – ruling planet in 7th house – past efforts pay dividends. You can seal an important agreement. If single, you talk about marriage. If already married, you’ll assure your partner of continued devotion. A gift that shows your solid appreciation is best.

Taurus – ruling planet in the 7th house – long-range plans reach a culmination point. A pal you can count on enters the picture and helps you increase your prestige and assets. The pressure is on you to make a definite commitment. Your marital status may be involved. Capricorn and Cancer people figure prominently.

Gemini – ruling planet in the 7th house – a reunion occurs with a key figure from the past. Accent your intuition, imagination and nurturing role. A younger person who comes to you with a problem wants comfort more than advice. Be understanding. Provide a listening ear and refreshment.

Cancer – ruling planet in the 5th house – don’t be impatient for romantic action. A relaxed passive role is best now. You need time to build a more solid foundation beneath this relationship. Be sensitive to the moods and feelings of the one you love. Another Cancer and Capricorn are on the scene.

Leo – ruling planet in the 4th house – you settle down now to the comfort of a family situation. An older family member is ready to wait on you hand and foot. Don’t rock the boat with forceful statements; allow for sharing of views, compromise and cooperation. A delicious dinner plays a prominent role.

Virgo – ruling planet in the 4th house – conditions improve at home. A beautification project will surpass even what you’ve expected. A relative who was out of sorts will be fascinated by your talents. You’ll want everyone to be happy and will spend money freely.

Libra – ruling planet in the 2nd house – opportunity knocks in the form of extra income. Be willing to listen to someone who talks fast but is honest and sincere. A gift from someone who loves you is part of the picture and may be the way to make more money Ask a Gemini.

Scorpio – ruling planet in the 2nd house – take stock of your property, possessions and tangible goods. It’s time to weed out what you can no longer use. A tendency to cling to the past will only delay future success. You need more room to move about and expand. Aries and Libra people are in the picture.

Sagittarius – ruling planet in the 12th house – you creative juices flow. You’ll discover a talent you inherited but seldom used. Expect new contracts and more romantic opportunities. Your personal magnetism is very high, causing a Leo type to comment favorably on your appearance.

Capricorn – ruling planet in the 12th house – you’ll gain great satisfaction from lending a hand to your mate, partner or associates. A service-type occupation is favored. Forget about an empty promise recently made to you. Focus on what is concrete and valid. An Aquarian shares your feelings.

Aquarius – ruling planet in the 3rd house – confusion surrounds a message, e-mail or phone call. Keep calm if a misunderstanding is discovered; you’ll be imaginative enough to see how to turn a conversation to your advantage. Aspects are excellent for writing novels or stories. Pisces plays a key role.

Pisces – ruling planet in the 1st house – your non-conformist tendencies are accented. A social situation will bring out your more eccentric but imaginative side. You may shock a straight-laced person with your color scheme or hair style. Don’t be too concerned – express yourself!


Psychicdeb has been a professional astrologer for over 25 yrs. She teaches Astrology for a nominal fee. Psychicdeb also uses the tarot to do psychic readings channeling her spirit guide Helen. Reiki is one of her obsessions. She is a Reiki Master and loves to teach others the benefits of Reiki. Call 516-236-7729 for an appointment in her private office. Or you can find her at the Original Psychic Fairs on Sundays. A listing of the Fair dates can be found on her website at: astro-mate.org or join the Facebook page: facebook.com/The-Original-Long-Island-Psychic-Fair

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