Hamptons/Greenwich Barking Beauty Pageant Raises Funds for Charity

barking beauty pageant
The 2021 Hamptons/Greenwich Barking Beauty Pageant raised over $1200 for The Sandy Fund. (Photo by Ed Shin)

On Saturday, May 1, at Spot On Veterinary Hospital & Hotel in Stamford, C.T., a pet fashion, talent, and rescue extravaganza gathered more than 40 attendees for the 2021 Greenwich Barking Beauty Pageant and raised more than $1,200 for The Sandy Fund and the Greenwich Scholarship Association.

Founded in 2006, the Barking Beauty Pageant is the original beauty pageant event for dogs and has held events in New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Denver, earning thousand for its affiliated local charities over the years.

Seven dogs competed in Photogenic, Activewear, Glamourwear, and Talent for the Inaugural Greenwich Barking Beauty Pageant title, and were awarded sashes, medals, gifts, a crown, and the cover of a 2022 calendar for the winner, a little pug from Maryland named Bob.

Leslie Kennedy, veteran pageant winner, emcee, and former star of NYCTV25’s Doggie Moms, created and hosted the event.

“This was the most exciting event we’ve held so far considering all the Covid challenges,” she said. “The contestants really went all out with not only crazy costumes for their pups, but also for themselves, and it seemed like everyone in the audience brought their furbabies to the festivities too.

“I’m so proud of all of our contestants and so thankful to all our sponsors and everyone who came – it was truly a group effort – all of us working together to benefit animals and students,” she added.

“Thanks to the 2021 Greenwich Barking Beauty Pageant, we think we’ll be able to take care of more animals whose parents can’t afford all the care they need through The Sandy Fund,” said Kaeley Blum, of Spot On Veterinary Hospital & Hotel, and The Sandy Fund.

“I’m so glad I was able to convince Leslie to bring the pageant to the Greenwich area,” said Cheryl Farley, co-director of the Greenwich Pageant and founder and lead broker for House of Maxx Real Estate. “This is such a dog-friendly area, it can’t help but continue to grow, and I love giving back to my community!”

For more information and media requests about the 2021 Greenwich Barking Beauty Pageant, please contact Leslie Kennedy of Kennedy Art Productions, by calling 917-797-4331or email Leslie at [email protected]. The official website is BarkingBeautyPageant.org.

-Barking Beauty Pageant

Image2 1
Leslie Kennedy, founder & executive director of the Barking Beauty Pageant. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Cheryl Farley, Greenwich co-director, and Fern Wienbaum with Maui Lynn, the 2021 Jack Farley Memorial Lifetime Achievement winner. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image13 1
Bob performing in the talent competition. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image12 1
Steven Ratner of BPM Entertainment. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image11 1
Cathy Malkin, the Animal Muse, serving as Judges’ Auditor, and Michael Nyenhaus – serving as a judge. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image10 1
Squeakers, winner of the People’s Pup competition for getting the most online votes. His mom is Madison Valentine. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image9 1
Tilly and her grandma, Jane Gewant, during the glamorwear competition. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image8 1
Rubin Santana, dad of Amun, the first runner-up. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image7 1
Michael Nyenhaus, the husband of Sandy Nyenhaus, for whom the animal charity, The Sandy Fund, was named for and in honor of. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image6 1
Tilly & her mom Jen Gewant. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image5 1
Cheryl Farley, Greenwich Barking Beauty Pageant co-director. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image4 1
Leslie Riddle with Puccini. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image3 1
Bob, the 2021 Greenwich Barking Beauty. (Photo by Ed Shin)

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