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In the past two decades, construction has inched along, yet companies are still fleeing our region.

Other factors are the culprit for making the cost of living on the Island so high.

"Mega-projects like Heartland justify the need for strong, unfettered, comprehensive regional planning."

"Yeah, they [terrorists] are using Islam, but they are distorting it, and we have to reveal that distortion and show people how they’re distorting it."

"Getting rid of the testing will cause this entire nonsensical system to implode."

Employee-owned business seem to be gaining steam since Occupy Wall Street.

“I feel like I’ve been dead for the past 23 years, and now I'm alive and everything has changed."

Released just in time for Father’s Day, the Bower’s granted the Press exclusive access to the family’s long-sought reunion.

Schellhammer's sudden departure comes amid criticism from Nassau & Queens D.A.s over his recommendation to free Queens father of two Ronald Bower

"Stay off the slopes near the parkways! Stay out of the sumps!"