Book Review: Rosario+Vampire: Season II, Volume 9


29BookRosario+Vampire: Season II, Volume 9
By Akihisa Ikeda

Rosario+Vampire is the tale of a teenage boy named Tsukune who unknowingly enrolls at a boarding school for monsters and attracts a lot of attention—some of it good, some of it life-threatening.

He quickly befriends several monsters, one of whom is Moka, a powerful vampire that protects him. He develops feelings for her, then realizes she has two identities:  her outer self, a kind, innocent girl; and her inner self, a seemingly cold and serious woman who is exposed whenever Tsukune removes the rosary seal around her neck, unleashing her true power.

Since humans are not allowed at the school and are killed on sight, Tsukune must keep his true identity a secret to stay alive. Volume 9 follows Tsukune and his party as they venture to free Moka, who has been taken captive by her step-sister Akua and her evil organization Fairy Tale.

Tsukune is offered help from an old friend in assaulting the Fairy Tale headquarters, and he begins training under one of the three dark lords, Touhou Fuhai, in order to gain the strength to save Moka. But the risks are high, as Tsukune learns that a normal human will typically be killed by the training.

When the succubus Kurumu takes an interest in Tsukune and realizes that he has eyes for no one but Moka, she starts feeling weak, as she knows that should Tsukune not pledge his love for her, she will die, as a succubus’s source of life is the love of their destined one.

In Volume 9, the struggle to save Moka commences as Akua’s true motives for kidnapping her step-sister are revealed, and Moka finds out exactly what’s in store for her.