The Best Spooky and Sweet Halloween Candy for 2021

halloween candy
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By Courtney Ingalls

Best Halloween Candy for 2021

With Halloween almost here, I can probably say with a lot of certainty that there is one thing on many people’s minds: What kind of candy they are going to get on the 31st. Whether you are planning on staying in and handing out candy to little ones (and big kids) or are going out and walking around to help your kids trick or treat, here are some of the best choices for Halloween candy to look out for this year.

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Nerds Halloween Gummy Clusters

Calling all Nerds lovers! These gummy clusters are the perfect Halloween candy to give out! These small treats have rainbow colored Nerds on the outside and a gummy center on the inside. The gummy clusters have the same idea as Nerd Ropes but instead are made into small bite sized candies.

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KitKat Witches Brew

KitKat Witches Brew are definitely candies to look out for this year. These candies are already delicious, but now these Halloween themed ones are taking it to a whole new level. There is still the delicious wafer inside but now it is covered with a marshmallow-flavored green creme.

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Hersheys Vampire Kisses

With a fun spin on a classic, kids will love getting these vampire kisses! Each kiss is filled with strawberry flavored creme and are wrapped in pretty purple foils with red bats. You will truly feel like a vampire with this candy.

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Brach’s Candy Corn

Now it wouldn’t be a proper Halloween without getting some candy corn in your bag. This traditional Halloween candy is perfect for all of the sweet tooth’s out there. You can also jazz up this classic and add it into a Halloween themed dessert for the family to enjoy.

For the full list of Halloween candy, visit NewYorkFamily.com.

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