Westbury Arts Savors Long Island Food And Wines

Diane Cavallaro and Westbury Mayor Peter Cavallaro. (Photo by Ed Shin)

Nearly 100 people enjoyed local wines and good food at “A Taste of Long Island,” a fundraiser held at the Maria SS Dell Assunta Society benefitting Westbury Arts.

A committee of Westbury Arts members planned the menu for the evening. “We tried to resource as much locally as possible,” says committee member Maureen Baranov.

Then Sia Zarisfi, buyer and market manager for Total Wines, selected the wines that would pair well with their choices. At the tasting, Zarisfi provided information about the wines that could be appreciated by neophytes and sophisticated wine drinkers alike.

In the kitchen that night prepping the food were Baranov and Anne and Chuck Albano, and Edith Joseph helped out earlier with advance-prep. A cadre of students from Westbury High School — all members of the Naval ROTC class there — served the food. Ninth grader Sebastian Bonilla loved the experience and looks forward to getting a ribbon for volunteering. Wine pourers Gloria Rosenau and Judy Stone went from table to table throughout the night. The tables were decorated with flowering plants donated by Hicks Nurseries.

“This event brings together many elements of the community,” says board member Stan Turetsky, a long-time Westbury resident and Westbury Arts board member. Sara and Brendan Conlon, who moved to the community just three months ago, said they were eager to be more involved in the community. Sara was immediately recruited for the Westbury Volunteer Corps.

Nyrekia White, a Westbury resident since 2004, was happy to support Westbury Arts for what it has provided for her 13-year-old daughter Joslyn, who attended the program’s art camp for four years. “It’s important that she has a safe space to express herself,” says Nyrekia.

Westbury Arts president Julie Lyon says the event exceed their fundraising goals. “We are so delighted with all the support this wonderful community provides.”

Westbury Arts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that delivers arts and cultural programs that connect, educate, and inspire our community. 

Image 2 Westbury Arts President Julie Lyon
Westbury Arts President Julie Lyon. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 3 Anne Albano Chuck Albano
Anne Albano and Chuck Albano. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 4 Honorable Thomas Liotti Wendy Liotti
Honorable Thomas Liotti and Wendy Liotti. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 5 Wine Sommelier Sia Zarisfi
Wine Sommelier Sia Zarisfi. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 6 Chuck Albano Anne Albano prepping food for the event.
Chuck Albano and Anne Albano prepping food for the event. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 7 Students from the Naval ROTC Class from Westbury High School volunteered to serve food
Students from the Naval ROTC Class from Westbury High School volunteered to serve food. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 8 Bill Lorusso
Bill Lorusso. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 9 Tom Cabrera
Tom Cabrera. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 10 Rosalba Henao Adriana Devers Nyrekia White Johanna Warner Keith Hernandez Denise Brantley Reginald Brantley
Rosalba Henao, Adriana Devers, Nyrekia White, Johanna Warner, Keith Hernandez, Denise Brantley, and Reginald Brantley. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 11 Glen Ullo Lina Ullo
Glen Ullo and Lina Ullo. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 12 Connie Ambrosio Locascio Lyn Dobrin Jael Ferguson
Connie Ambrosio-Locascio, Lyn Dobrin, and Jael Ferguson. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 13 Beaumont Jefferson Lynne Poole
Beaumont Jefferson and Lynne Poole. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 14 Butternut squash soup
Butternut squash soup. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 15 Roasted vegetables in olive oil and Focaccia
Roasted vegetables in olive oil and Focaccia. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 16 Duck breast with Cherry Reduction
Duck breast with Cherry Reduction. (Photo by Ed Shin)

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