Bridal Tips: How to Choose the Best Wedding Venue for Your Big Day

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Wedding planning requires couples to make many decisions, including where the wedding will take place.

A couple’s wedding day typically consists of two parts: The ceremony comes first, and the reception follows soon after. Depending on couples’ preferences and religious beliefs, ceremonies may take place at a house of worship or another location that is separate from the reception venue. In some instances, couples may choose one location for both the ceremony and the party to follow. Wedding venues are where the bulk of the day will unfold, and couples can consider these four tips to find a venue that suits their needs.

  1. Consider your theme and wedding style. Most couples know which sentiments they want to convey during their weddings. The venue should match the theme so the entire wedding will feel connected to the space. A modern wedding, for example, will be at home in an art gallery or warehouse. A wedding with natural elements may work better on a ranch or in a botanical garden. Zeroing in on the wedding style helps narrow down potential venue options.

  2. Assess the budget. A couple may find what seems to be the perfect venue, only to realize that the cost of the space doesn’t fit their budget. Ampersand Travel says the venue accounts for the most significant wedding expense, at an average cost of $9,000. Finding a venue that will maximize dollars spent involves looking at what is included. Rentals for chairs, linens, lighting, a dance floor, and other extras can quickly add up. Couples should have a set limit they’re willing to spend on the venue and let that dictate the location.

  3. Availability of the location. When a couple wants to get married may determine their venue options, especially if they’re planning on a budget. September and October are now the most popular months to get married, so venues will book up quickly during that time of year. Those who have their hearts set on specific days will have to begin the search earlier than couples with no attachment to a particular date. Concessions may need to be made if a certain date is a must.

  4. Estimate the size of your guest list. Price, date, and style will factor into wedding venues, but the number of guests also is a major consideration. A trendy restaurant may seem like the perfect locale, but it must be able to accommodate everyone on the guest list. Couples should sit down with their families and come up with a list of potential guests and look for a venue that can accommodate everyone.

Couples also should visit potential venues in person to see which, if any, details might be missing from online or magazine advertisements. A host of factors, including accessibility, should be considered when looking for a venue.

Finding the right venue requires careful consideration of various factors that are unique to each couple. 

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