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Nassau, Suffolk Police Union Chiefs Urge Public To Back Up Cops

While 2020 has disrupted the lives of most Long Islanders, times have rarely been more difficult for members of law enforcement.

Nassau Committee Will Study Police Response to Mental Health Crises

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran signed a bill Wednesday that addresses growing calls for reform around the response by law enforcement to mental health crises. 

Defend The Police, Don’t Defund Them

OpEd: We need to more vocally support our police or we will have none left and more importantly, no one wanting to become the next generation of police officers. 

Cops: Suspects Shouted Anti-Muslim Slurs & Threatened To Kill Gas Station...

According to police, the two suspects—a man and a woman—grew angry after they were denied “slushies” because the gas station wasn’t able to make the frozen beverages at that time. They became more enraged when a store clerk denied their use of an electronic food stamps card to purchase several other unidentified items.

Cops Rescue Windsurfer Amid Thunderstorms in Great South Bay

A line of thunderstorms had roared across the water just before the man became separated from his board, police said.

Southampton Cop Credited With Saving Baby

Officer Kristian LoRusso responded to the home on Feb. 3 after the one-year-old’s older sister reported the emergency to 911, police said.

Nassau Police: Merrick Homicide Not Random Attack

Windows and doors to victim's home were not tampered with, say police.

Muslim Teen’s Arrest In Texas Over Homemade Clock Sparks Outrage

"For how long will ethnic minorities walk on eggshells? That is not right. It's counterproductive to everything, every belief that we as Americans have."

DA: Man Indicted for Murder in NYPD Officer Brian Moore Slaying

Demetrius Blackwell was indicted for murder, attempted murder and a slew of other charges.

Poll: Whites and Blacks Say Accountability of Cops Lacking

Only 39 percent of people polled said they have a "great deal" of confidence in police officers locally to do a good job.