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Adopt One of These Adorable Pet Cats on Long Island

Mia Hamm

We’re not kitten around this week — with so many adorable kitties available for adoption, it’s easier now than ever to find your new best friend, so head down to your local shelter/rescue and scoop up a cat on Long Island this weekend!

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter


Chips, also affectionately known as One-Eyed Jack, is a one-and-a-half-year-old Male Domestic Shorthair Mix. It’s hard to find a cat who is more outgoing, loving, and friendly than Chips! Chips had severe respiratory problems as a kitten, and this caused him to lose one eye and have significant scarring in the other. He will likely continue to suffer from chronic respiratory issues, and a potential home will need to help manage that when caring for him. This little guy does not let his health problems get in his way, and he remains a bright light in the face of adversity. Chips came from a home where he lived with children and other pets, so he will be a perfect fit for any home!

For more information about adopting Chips, please call 631-360-7575 today for more information today!

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

**Reminder** North Shore Animal League America is waiving all feline adoption fees (for cats & kittens) for approved adopters continuing through the end of the month.

Mr. Goodbar

When Mr. Goodbar (Adoption #NCR6156) arrived at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, he wanted to make it clear that humans are his top priority! This one-year-old southern stunner just can’t get enough attention from visitors and is first in line for treats and ear rubs. You could make his life complete by offering him the chance to be adored on demand by your family, and with his super sweet purrsonality, you’ll find he’s a hard-to-resist treat!

Mia Hamm

Four-year-old Mia Hamm (Adoption #LA0909) is a champion heart-stealer! This Louisiana rescue is playing offense as she greets her fans with an open heart, ready for great adventures ahead with a new team. Want to share the glory of scoring a winning goal for your family? Recruit Mia Hamm as your teammate and you’ll be celebrating a lifetime of victories together!

Di Melo

Seven-year-old Di Melo (Adoption #BF3681) recently lost his home and is looking for a committed family. This wonderful tabby was delivered to safety by rescuers a few months ago, but he’ll never let on he’s had a moment of despair in his life. He’s a day-brightener! Although his time on the streets has left him FIV+ he’s enjoying a peaceful room in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center with equally peaceful roommates. Any family would be very lucky to call him theirs; just offer him an ear rub and you’ll see why we think he’s a fabulous choice for your home!

Bert and Ernie

**Double Adoption** Besties Bert (Adoption #BF3605) and Ernie (Adoption #BF3606) have hit a fork in the road. These super-bonded 1-year-old brothers recently lost their first home, but as long as they have each other, they’re prepared for whatever the future has in store. A little cat experience, a touch of patience, and a heart open to new beginnings is all Bert and Ernie need to believe you might be the final hero in their rescue story. Bert has already shed his trepidation and is showing his shyer brother how to be brave as well. You’ll find the duo enjoying naps by windows when not exploring their sunny room in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. A family with children six years and older is going to appreciate how very special being loved by these two characters can be!


**Senior Alert** Looking for a friendly lady to make herself at home in your heart? We have the feline for you. When her owner needed a safe place for Carnita (Adoption #BF3796) to land, Animal League America welcomed her with the promise of a happy, new beginning on the horizon. This sensational ten-year-old is keeping up with the fun, young ones in her room and loves to admire playgroups from high above on her perch. Her favorite pastime is receiving ear rubs from friends in exchange for a treat. NSALA is assuring Carnita her future will get even better once she’s discovered by her next family and offered the sunny, peaceful retirement she deserves. NSALA vets discovered Carnita has hyperthyroidism, but they have a treatment plan that will be covered through their Pet Health Centers so there is nothing to keep you from bringing Carnita home today!


When we say there’s something extra special about Harper (Adoption #NCI2216) we mean more than just the extra toes on her paws! This sweet, polydactyl two-year-old is delightful as she explores her new setting, but her greatest quality is her ability to make fast friends with every purrson she meets. Although she’s not a fan of other pets, she’s a huge mood-lifter for us humans, especially the ones offering her some peace and quiet. Families with children (age six and above) will get a real kick out of her supersized paws and her subtle personality.  Want to make Harper your number one fan?  Offer her treats and she’ll offer you, her heart; she’ll be taking that ride home with you in no time!


Ally (Adoption #BF2504) recently lost her home and came back to NSALA for help finding a new one. Ally falls in love easily with new friends and allows cuddles at hello. This two-year-old has an open mind and heart for whatever awaits ahead and we’re promising the best is coming her way. Hurry. You’re not going to want to miss the chance to be the object of Ally’s affection!

Reach out to DoritS@animalleague.org for more about adopting NSALA’s adorable adoptables!

Available for adoption at All About Spay Neuter


Sweet Bell is one of many kittens available for adoption at All About Spay Neuter. All of their kittens and cats are adopted to you spayed/neutered, feline leukemia tested, feline AIDS tested, dewormed, vaccinated, and microchipped. If you are interested in meeting Bell or one of our other kittens, please text Aicia at 516-984-4525.

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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These Pets in Long Island Shelters Are Looking For Their Forever Homes

forever homes

Available for adoption through Pioneers for Animals Welfare Society (PAWS)


Meet Buster! Buster is a 7-year-old tabby cat looking for a forever home. PAWS was contacted by a senior citizen who befriended him and had him TNR’ed from her yard 4 years ago, and Buster decided to stay and move into the shed. The senior had to move, and Buster is now in need of a foster or foster-to-adopt placement. He is gentle with his current foster and accepts pets and playtime. He is a former outdoor cat and is currently crated. He will need time, patience, and socialization to accept a new owner.


**Urgent Request** Coop is a beautiful, sweet and scared 1-year-old soul who needs a home. Coop is in search of a kind soul who is willing to foster/adopt her. She was a feral cat rescued and brought indoors over the winter to an attic above a storefront.  It’s not possible to air condition the room and it’s getting too hot for her up there. She is going to be released back outside if PAWS can’t find a foster/forever home for her. She has been vetted/spayed and is litterbox trained. She cannot be brought downstairs by her current foster due to the severe allergies of her humans. She is shy and will need some extra time and TLC to warm up.

**Senior Alert and Urgent Request** Bella is an 11-year-old, 60-pound, sweet female pittie who is in search of a new home. Sadly, her parent who raised her since she was eight weeks old no longer have time to care for her due to work obligations. She is good with all people, kids, and other dogs.  She’s housebroken, trained, and well behaved on a leash.  She is a calm gal. She has no health issues other than a small growth in her eye that was vet checked and cleared.  Bella is currently living in a garage and deserves a better life- can that life be with you?


**Urgent Request** Maxie is a female Sheppard mix, rescued five years ago as an adult. Due to serious health issues of one child, the family can no longer keep her. They say she is an amazing dog with people, kids, even strangers. She is full of love and affection for all humans; however, she can be aggressive towards other animals. Maxie needs to be the only pet in the home. The family is seeking to have her humanely euthanized if Maxie can’t find a new home. Please help share her story!

If you can adopt, foster, or help these animals in any way, please contact Pioneers for Animals WelfareSociety, Inc. paws-li.org, 631-306-4616.

Available for adoption at Last Hope Animal Rescue


Taki is a 3-5-year-old Chihuahua that comes from a Kentucky shelter, found as a stray. Taki loves to be around people, so much so that he’s called a Velcro dog! Currently, Last Hope is deciding whether they will be doing his knee (luxating patella) surgery while he is with a foster. All expenses will be covered by Last Hope. Taki must have never been on a leash before because he does the whirling dervish when you attempt to walk him. And when you sit beside him, he climbs on your lap and plasters himself there for petting and reassurance.  While no one is sure of his backstory, Last Hope expects Taki to make lots of progress with the help of loving volunteers and a new foster and/or forever home!

To meet Taki at Last Hope by appointment, please complete and submit a dog adoption application found on the Last Hope website homepage: lasthopeanimalrescue.org.

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter


Look at these eyes! China is a 7-or-so-year-old Domestic Short Hair, likely a Persian or Burmese mix. This petite lady was brought to the Animal Shelter after she was found outside of a restaurant, crying out for attention. China is a bit on the shy and timid side, but she loves to be pet and be adored. China would do well in a quiet home without children or dogs, and with a family that can give her kindness and love from now until furrever.

For more information about adopting China, please call 631-360-7575 today for more information today!

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

**Reminder** North Shore Animal League America is waiving all feline adoption fees (for cats & kittens) for approved adopters beginning this Friday, July 8, and continuing through the end of the month.

Owen Hunt

Five-year-old Owen Hunt (Adoption #BF3725) had a rocky start to life and needed heroes to help him find a new beginning. NSALA is thrilled to be part of his journey! After spending time with their Medical Team who helped him overcome his sensitive tummy, Owen is enjoying a tranquil spot inside Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center where he’s quietly hoping the next hero he meets is the family who takes him home. You’re going to have a hard time leaving without this cheeky boy. Offer him the peace and quiet of a home that he’s always dreamed of and see how quickly he offers his gratitude and affection!

forever homes

After a comfortable stay in NSALA’s nursery, two-year-old mama Flower (Adoption #H210481) is now free of her kitten-raising duties and ready to explore being a kitten once again herself! All you need to do to befriend her is say, “Hello!” She’ll be rolling over on her belly as if to say she knew you’d be her best friend. Mama cats overcome so much to reach their moment of freedom. They deserve the best homes where they will be loved and spoiled as a family member. NSALA predicts this Flower will soon plant herself in a loving one where she will blossom!


When 13-year-old Mitzy’s (Adoption #H210311) owner died, she lost the only home she’d ever known. Now, this quiet beauty seeks another chance at the happiness she once enjoyed. It’s clear she’s used to being adored because she’s so gentle and sweet. NSALA is rooting for Mitzy to spend her happiest days ahead in the loving arms of a new family. If your quiet home is missing someone special, please consider offering a grateful senior the opportunity to show you what true love is.

Lily Allen

Ten-month-old Lily Allen (Adoption #H210318) makes everyone smile! That’s because everyone knows how much she’s already survived and, although her past trauma makes her hesitant at first, her triumphant spirit overcomes her once you offer her an ear rub or a treat. NSALA vets tended to an injured leg when she first arrived. Now fully recovered, Lily is looking for a committed family who promises to keep her safe and surround her with love. Children 8 years old and above will enjoy watching this sweet mini-house panther learn to trust them. With a little help from her new friends, Lily Allen (and her new family) will be smiling in no time!


Four-year-old Bugsy (Adoption #LA0906) is an enthusiastic friend brimming with gratitude, ready to pour it into a relationship with his first-ever family. This mini-house panther took a long trip up from Louisiana to be discovered and will work very hard to make a good impression on you. You’ll find him piling on the love with his feline friends, but just a simple hello from you will have him belly up and craving more ear rubs. Bugsy is a delightful choice for families looking to provide a new friend for their cat at home.


Arriving all the way from Oman, 1-year-old Archie (Adoption #IR1332) would love to chat with you about his adventures! This very vocal boy has plenty to say about the wild ride he’s lived so far, but most importantly, he’d like to make sure you treasure him as much as he’ll treasure the pleasure of being your one and only. Because of his sensitivity to adjusting to new situations, NSALA is seeking a home (with children 12-years and older) where he’ll be the only pet so he can focus all of his attention on settling into the comfortable life he deserves. He feels he’s fought hard enough to get to where he is today and wants the rest of his life to be smooth sailing—and ear rubs. How could you resist with ears as incredible as his!?  NSALA hopes he never grows into his ears, but we know he’ll never get tired of you whispering into them that you’ll love him furever!

Reach out to DoritS@animalleague.org for more about adopting NSALA’s adorable adoptables!

As always, thanks for reading, and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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12 Cats for Adoption on Long Island


Whether you’re bringing home a new furry friend this Fourth of July weekend or you’re already a proud owner, remember that animals generally become anxious and frightened at the sight and sounds of fireworks. Please keep your pets indoors, give them a safe space to hide, and stay home and keep them busy if you can.

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter


Yoo-Hoo is an adorable 10-to-12-year-old Torti who was abandoned as part of a feral cat colony and almost certainly would not have survived if she didn’t receive treatment. She needs a home that will cherish her, and she will reward you with affection day in and day out. Her gorgeous green eyes and outgoing personality will make anyone fall in love with her. Yoo-Hoo has an overactive thyroid, which is common in cats, so she will need a home that can provide her with her prescription diet and take her to the vet twice a year to help control her thyroid levels. She gets along well with older children and other low-key pets who respect her space. Yoo-Hoo would fit in well with any family!

For more information about adopting Yoo-Hoo, call 631-360-7575 for more information today!

Available for adoption at Almost Home Animal Rescue


Meet Sophie! This gorgeous 2-year-old gal is sweet, friendly & social. She enjoys getting pet and lots of attention. She also enjoys lounging around the rescue’s cattery (sometimes stealing drinks, pictured). Fun fact about Sophie, she’s got extra toe beans! Yes she’s a polydactyl! How cool is that?!

Little Sister

Little Sister was found living outside as a stray and was being cared for by a volunteer- but Little Sister was way too sweet to be living outdoors any longer. Little Sister is an amazing girl! She was extremely shy when she first came to the rescue but has really blossomed. She’ll come out from wherever she’s laying to greet you with a meow.


Bella is a happy social 1-year-old girl who loves getting attention and treats (tuna flavor is a favorite but any kind will do). She enjoys hanging around watching her friends play, occasionally jumping in. She enjoys the crinkle balls that make noise!

If you’d like to meet one of these adorable felines or submit an application for adoption, please visit Almost Home Animal Rescue at almosthomeli.org.

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

Beginning Monday, July 5, 2021, North Shore Animal League America will be open to the public for canine and feline adoptions seven days a week, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. No appointments necessary.


Put down that coffee! You don’t need caffeine to energize you if you have 9-month-old Mochaccino (Adoption #MA3518) by your side! This life-loving survivor will have you in stitches as he zooms around your heart looking for his forever space in it. He loves to chat with his humans about everything he’s discovering about his new life, a far cry from the injured kitten delivered to us from a municipal shelter. NSALA’s highly skilled and devoted Medical Team helped him through an injury that left his hind legs paralyzed. Thanks to donors from the Help Me Heal program, Medical Intervention, and a loving foster home where he recovered, his mobility issues are completely resolved! He’s now ready to discover new places, but there’s no place like home for Mochaccino. You’re going to want a double shot of him today!


When 5-year-old Aja (Adoption #WV0700) arrived from her overcrowded shelter in West Virginia, she was pregnant and in need of a safe place to raise her kittens. NSALA knew she was lucky but didn’t know how lucky until vets discovered this devoted momma also had cancer. Aja was in the right place at the right time. With the help of our medical team, Aja is now fully recovered.  Because these medical hurdles are beyond what usual momma cats experience, we are looking for a home that will embrace Aja’s new lease on life and make all the hardship she’s experienced a distant memory. NSALA Pet Health Centers will be following her health journey in partnership with her new family so her humans can focus all their attention on loving this lucky little rescue.


Two-year-old Monchi (Adoption #BF3716) was found outside fending for herself and her kittens unaware a better life could be found. Her rescuer helped her by bringing her to NSALA and Monchi has been flipping over and showing her belly to everyone she meets to let them know she’s ecstatic about the promise of a brand-new start. Monchi’s mama cat days are long behind; her future is going to be nothing but chin rubs and snuggles. All that is missing is a lucky family to show Monchi the best days are the ones ahead as their beloved pet.


When ten-month-old Petroria (Adoption #BF3761) arrived at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center and was introduced to a safer alternative than her past life on the streets, her first response was trepidation. Once their team invited her to an even quieter space in which to settle in and she came around.  Now life ahead will be the best years she’s ever known. This delightfully smart cookie quickly learned to put her best paw forward and help us help her find her the purrfect family. This irresistible calico is hoping for a home with experienced cat lovers (and children aged ten and older) who are willing to give her the peace and quiet she so enjoys. Your calm, predictable home is her dream come true!

Dale and Brennan

**Double Adoption** Dale (Adoption #LA0391) and Brennan (Adoption #LA0392) have each others’ backs! These 1-year-old brothers balance each other out. The zanier Brennan could play all day, while quieter Dale does his best to keep up. They’re a purrfect match for each other, and that means a purrfect combo for you. If you’re ready to provide all the fun they’ve been craving they’ll be happy to offer you all the entertainment you seek.  Dale and Brennan would love to step into your heart and stay there furever!

Haile G

On the long journey that’s been Haile G’s (Adoption #E3405) short life, he needed to take him time to cross the finish line. At North Shore Animal League America, they’re all about giving shyer friends all the time they need if it helps lead to brighter futures. Getting to know us has been a great learning tool for Haile whose past life was unpredictable and treacherous. This quiet, three-year-old boy is beginning to realize how nice a good long ear rub feels and how awesome it is to have a human you can depend on. Although Haile has shared his life with lots of cats, he’s open to any quiet family (with children twelve and older) who’ll continue to build up his confidence. A great love affair between you two will begin with ear rubs. If you’ve had experience with shy cats, you’re going to know exactly what he needs from you — your patient, open heart.

Milky Way

You don’t need to leave the galaxy to find the next love of your life. One-year-old Milky Way (Adoption #NCR6153) is waiting for his hero right here in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. This super shy guy from North Carolina needs a predictable home with cat-experienced adults and children 12 years and older who will help him settle into the household. New experiences can be scary for him, so your patience and experience will help him gain confidence. If you’d like Milky Way to be your shining star, it’s your time and love that will lead to his discovery that the home is the greatest place in the universe.

Reach out to DoritS@animalleague.org for more about adopting NSALA’s adorable adoptables!

As always, thanks for reading, and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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Adopt One of These Cats During ‘National Adopt a Cat Month’

adopt a cat

There’s hardly a better way to celebrate “National Adopt a Cat Month” than opening up your heart and home to a deserving furry companion. There’s plenty of fabulous felines to go around (and no shortage of cute dogs either), so don’t wait, head out to your local shelter or rescue and scoop one up today!

Available for adoption at Last Hope Animal Rescue

Reese Kittenspoon

Reese Kittenspoon is an adorable 2-year-old tabbico with white toes and a nose to match! Reese prefers her person over cats and will truly make a beautiful companion for someone who has a soft lap to lay on and a free hand for petting. She’ll pay you back with morning head butts and kisses on the lips with each greeting. To meet Reese by appointment at Last Hope in Wantagh, please complete and submit a cat adoption application found on the Last Hope website homepage. lasthopeanimalrescue.org

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

NSALA Reminder: Throughout the month of June, all adoption fees for kittens and cats will be covered by Wisdom Panel (for approved adopters.) Additionally, Wisdom Panel is donating $1 per kit sold to North Shore Animal League America, just another great reason to adopt a cat or kitten this month.


It’s hard to believe that not so long ago locally rescued Bagel (Adoption #BF3742) was fending for herself and her kittens outdoors. NSALA is happy to provide a much safer alternative for such a lovely mama cat who is ready to resume being a kitten herself. Two-year-old Bagel deserves a peaceful life and is quietly waiting for the opportunity to experience a love she’s never known before. Looking for someone to share breakfast with each morning? Bagel is longing to be your date furever!

Esme and Eagan

**Double Adoption** NSALA is working on convincing nine-month-old sisters Esme (Adoption #BF3765) and Eagan (Adoption #BF3766) that the life they have planned for them is a lot safer than the street life they’ve left behind. Esme is intrigued by treats and toys; it won’t be long before she’s convinced her being part of a family is wonderful after all. Eagan is carefully watching her sis make the first moves, but snacks pique her interest as well. A home with children 12 years old and older and adults experienced in giving shy kittens all the time and encouragement they need will guarantee a smooth transition into life as beloved family members in their very first home together.


Once Tirunesh (Adoption #E3407) settled into her first safe space after a life of uncertainty, she took on exploring it with a sense of security and joyful wonder she’s never experienced before. Like the champion after whom she is named, this tenacious one-year-old tortie has hurdled over her past obstacles and is hopeful to take home the gold at the finish line: a family worthy enough to take her home. Tirunesh likes to be part of a team of cats and would enjoy being part of your clowder at home. So if your household has feline friends (and children age 12 and older) waiting, then the future holds nothing but a triumph for Tirunesh if she goes home with you!


If this is a race to win your heart, 5-year-old Naoko (Adoption #E3408) is a clear winner! This outgoing survivor has put her troubled past behind her and is ready to run all the way home with you. You’re not going to be able to resist this graceful beauty. With her brilliant, expressive green eyes and grateful heart, she has been captivating from the moment she arrived. She’s brimming with positivity and has been a wonderful friend to her more timid roommates. Naoko would make a delightful companion to your cat seeking friendship in your home, but if you’re looking to bring two home, she’d be happy to have one of her friends join her on that freedom ride. Remember, when you adopt one animal, you save two lives: the pet you take home, and the one the rescue/shelter now has open space for.  If you adopt Naoko and a friend, you’ll be saving four lives!  Sprint over to meet Naoko today!


Four-year-old Uta’s (Adoption #E3412) very relaxed and charming demeanor is a far cry from her humble beginnings. NSALA is admiring this mini-house panther’s ability to leave the past behind her with an open heart for better days and new adventures ahead. She’s a wonderful choice for families looking to be lavished with lots of grateful attention, especially when a feline family member is open to welcoming a new buddy. Don’t miss out on adopting Uta; you’ll be her instant best friend and she may just be the hero you’ve been looking for too!


Three-year-old Coretta (Adoption #BF3777) was found here on Long Island, caring for her kittens outdoors, when a Good Samaritan gifted her the opportunity to renew her life. Now, this loving mama cat will never have to put her life on hold again. It’s Coretta’s turn to be spoiled with gentle ear rubs in a quiet home. She’s still shy as she adjusts to the changes she’s experiencing indoors, so a calm home (with children eight and above) will soothe away her concerns. After being a hero to her kittens, Coretta is ready to be rescued by her heroes: her brand new family!


When NSALA’s rescue team was notified of a tabby damsel in distress, they quickly delivered her to safety. Six-year-old Josie (Adoption #H207462) has had a lot to adjust to after the hardship of losing her home, but time and patience are specialties of Animal League America. Josie is looking for a human who has a heart bursting with love to provide her the safety she craves and the time she needs to reacclimatize to home living. A cat-experienced home with children eight years and above (and no other pets), will have this timid beauty craving more and more attention from you. If you’d like to be the hero Josie deserves, please ask about meeting her today.

Reach out to DoritS@animalleague.org for more about adopting NSALA’s adorable adoptables!

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter


Angel is a 7-year-old Blue Nosed Pit that has sadly been in the animal shelter for over three years. She is affectionate, goofy, and she loves people! Angel is also a big fan of car rides, stuffed animals, and lots of food! Angel is very intelligent and has a dominant personality. Her ideal owner will have experience with larger breeds and can properly read dog body language to help provide her with some structure and discipline. Due to her strong personality, Angel would do best in a home without children or any other pets. After all this time in the animal shelter, Angel deserves nothing more than a furever home that will love her endlessly.

For more information about adopting Angel, please call 631-360-7575 today for more information today!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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Tips for Mitigating Your Dog’s Pet Anxiety

pet anxiety
There’s going to be a lot of sad dogs when workers return to the office (Getty Images)

As many of us are heading back into the office, both experienced and new pet owners may be concerned about how their dogs will handle the change. 

Evee Linden, CPDT-KA, Certified Dog Behavioral Consultant and Fear Free Certified Professional, suggests starting by recreating the schedule you had prepandemic. 

“Begin by getting yourself dressed and ready to leave your home, walk your dog and leave the house for 30 minutes and then come back,” says Linden. “Continue to increase your time outside the home and remember to go slow. Build up to a full day away from your pet.”

In conjunction with providing physical activity, it’s also important to provide mental stimulation in your absence, as a bored and restless pup may be more likely to exhibit behavioral issues.  

“Dogs love chew bones and puzzle games,” says Linden. “There are many stimulating products on the market such as PupPod, which allows dogs to earn food rewards by touching a pod at the correct time. Or a simple and less expensive option such as a Kong Wobbler will keep them busy as well.”  

Do keep in mind that if you have multiple dogs, you’ll need to consider guarding issues before leaving a toy that contains food or treats. For more mellow dogs, try keeping the radio or television on in your absence, but avoid loud shows or rock music genres. Stick with classical music if possible. 

In the event you begin to notice extreme behavioral issues such as aggression or depression, it’s recommended that you contact an expert. 

“There are training programs specifically designed for pets with separation anxiety issues taught by trainers with specialized certifications,” she says, directing pet parents to malenademartini.com. She adds that if all else fails and fur babies are still having issues, contact your veterinarian for guidance.  

“This adjustment may not be as hard as people think,” she says. “Many people have been venturing out little by little for quite some time now. As the world began opening up, people have been slowly implementing normalcy by running to the store, going for a hike, or grabbing a bite to eat. There is a possibility your dog may have regressed during our time in quarantine, but maybe not.” 

Bottom line: stay tuned in to your pet’s needs and allow time for slow adjustment. This will ensure an easy transition for both you and your pet.

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Small Cats and Dogs Available for Adoption on Long Island

adoption on Long Island

Furry friends come in all shapes and sizes, but if you prefer them on the smaller side, then this week’s lineup is for you!

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

NSALA News: Wisdom Panel has just launched its Wisdom Panel Complete For Cats — it’s a DNA Test Kit (they already had one for dogs.) Throughout the month of June (National Adopt A Shelter Cat Month) Wisdom Panel is partnering with North Shore Animal League America. All adoption fees for kittens and cats will be covered by Wisdom Panel (for approved adopters.) Additionally, Wisdom Panel is donating $1 per kit sold to North Shore Animal League America.


Ten-month-old Eritrea (Adoption #BF3774) has had a less than auspicious start to his life, but he’s very happy to put that behind him and soar into his future with all the enthusiasm an older kitten should have. Although this precious mini-panther could run and play with feline friends all day, he’s still working on trusting his human companions. A home with children 12-years-old and above, with experienced adults, will show him all he needs to know about being part of a family. We’ve already witnessed so much growth in our little friend and are thrilled knowing what awaits him in his first safe home!


Despite a rough start to her life, three-year-old Roz (Adoption #E3401) is showing everyone what a survivor she is. This reserved calico feels the safest spooning with her feline friends, but from that comfortable place, her heart is opening to the prospect of being loved by human friends as well. Nothing makes her happier than long cuddle sessions so we’re looking for a family who will welcome her with another bound to be her bestie who will make her transition to her first safe home successful. Roz will never disappoint her friends, or her family, and her charming spirit will be a daily reminder of how much she has overcome on her journey into your heart and home.


**Special Request** Best buddy Zuke (Adoption #E3402) might be one of the bravest from his large rescue. NSALA vets detected a heart condition which will be monitored and covered for life through their Pet Health Centers. He has proven to be a devoted friend to his shyer acquaintances, offering them his big spoon talents when they need some comfort. NSALA wouldn’t want this super friendly, six-year-old survivor’s natural talent for being a buddy to go unused so we’re looking for a home where a feline friend to share his life awaits him — and what a lucky friend to be loved by Zuke!

Usain Bolt

Adopters, take your mark. ] What do the world’s fastest man and our newest rescue namesake have in common? Jumping hurdles to success! Our Usain Bolt (Adoption #E3403) may not have the speed and confidence of the Olympic icon, but his life has indeed been a marathon of survival. NSALA is thrilled to help make the rest of Usain’s life a smooth sprint towards happiness. All this tender, two-year-old tuxedo needs is a confident hand to guide him, and a feline friend to support him, and you’ll discover a winner as he crosses the finish line with you to begin his life anew.


Sometimes beautiful Bridgid (Adoption #E3404) looks back on the uncertainties of her past and can’t believe how fortunate she is to be settled into the peace and comfort of Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. Other times, she thinks life couldn’t get any better than being on her comfy blanket with her favorite toys and feline friends nearby to play. It will be hard to convince this sweet, two-year-old survivor that life is about to reach new heights of happiness once she is welcomed into a loving home worthy of her where she’ll spend her life with cat friends. Brigid may not realize this, but the only thing keeping her from her living her very best life as a beloved family member is a visit from her hero — you!


**Senior Alert** When you meet eight-year-old Sherlock (Adoption#E3406) for the first time, he’s going to make you feel like you’ve known each other forever. That’s a pretty wonderful quality coming from a gentleman who has survived years of chaos in hopes of renewing his life with someone special. Sherlock loves human visitors but loves his cat friends even more. Give him a moment to take in all the changes around him, you’ll discover this survivor has replaced uncertainty with triumph. If your quiet family is looking for someone to keep your cat at home company, Sherlock has proven to be a loyal companion. Sherlock would appreciate a calm home with children six-years and older who can appreciate all the wisdom he has to share with them. Sherlock may be the most popular guy in his room in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. Wouldn’t you be the lucky ones to make him part of your life?

Reach out to DoritS@animalleague.org for more about adopting NSALA’s adorable adoptables!

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter


**Senior Alert** Parker is a ten-year-old Male Chihuahua Mix who came to the Animal Shelter after losing his beloved previous owner to the COVID-19 virus. Parker loves meeting new friends, going on walks, snuggling, and snacks. Parker was not taught proper manners when he was younger, leading him to develop food and toy aggression and a habit of guarding things he perceives as “his”. He requires an adult-only home that is comfortable managing this and implementing strict rules and structure; all while understanding that Parker is 100% worth the effort. Parker has blood pressure and vision problems, and he needs an experienced owner who is willing to put in the extra effort despite these challenges. This poor boy has been through quite a lot in his life and needs a furrever home that won’t give up on him.

For more information about adopting Nubbins, please call 631-360-7575 today for more information today!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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These Cats in Long Island Shelters Are Ready to Be Adopted

Chris and Stewie

We’re seeing lots of cattitude with this week’s lineup of adorable adoptables! If you’re seeking a new BFF (best feline friend), contact any one of these wonderful shelters and rescues today!

Available for adoption through Pioneers for Animals Welfare Society, Inc

If it’s kitten’s you’re seeking, look no further. These five cutie-patooties were rescued by a foster family and at 8-weeks old, they are ready for their forever home! These three boys and two girls are being socialized and were all just vaccinated. They are currently available for foster or foster-to-adopt. If you are looking for some excitement and a whole lot of cuteness in your life, please contact adoptions@paws-li.org, paws-li.org, or call (631) 306-4616.

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter


Nubbins is a 3-to-4-year-old Domestic Shorthair Mix who spent part of her early life as a shop cat. One day, she showed up at the shop missing part of her tail as a result of some unknown trauma. Fortunately, the excellent animal shelter vets managed to amputate the damaged part of her tail, and now she’s healthy and ready to find a furrever home! She is a sweet and affectionate little lady who can always put a smile on your face. Nubbins is the ultimate flirt and loves getting attention! She will roll around on her back and chirp to let you know she needs some TLC. She has experience living with other cats and would do well in a home with children young or old.

For more information about adopting Nubbins, please call 631-360-7575 today for more information today!

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America


After weeks of nurturing her kittens, mama Latoyo (Adoption #WV0726) is simply balled over that it’s now her time to receive some pampering. This gracious one-year-old lady didn’t have much time to play before, but she’s wasting no time catching up with her toys now. Simple pleasures mean the world to Latoyo. A treat and an ear rub make her feel complete, but we’re expecting the joy to continue when she’s carried off to her very own home.


Alberto’s (Adoption #IR1330) introduction to New York was quite a scream! We’re going to chalk that up to jet lag. After all, he traveled all the way from Oman for a chance at a safer life, and just wanted to make sure we were listening to him. This fun and vocal 10-month-old boy can’t get enough of playtime, so a home with other playful cats will make all of his wildest dreams come true. Alberto is still just a little bit shy around humans, but all he needs is some time in a predictable setting (with kids 8 years old and older) for him to show you — or tell you — he’s meant to be yours!

Domenic and Seabisquit

**Double Adoption** When 1-year-olds Dominic the Donkey (Adoption #H210470) and Seabiscuit (Adoption #H210471) lost their home recently, they decided second chances were right up their alley! Dominic has taken to exploring and meeting new friends, but Seabiscuit isn’t lagging very far behind. Initially shy, these very bonded brothers have been chatting quite a bit about ear rubs and treats, playtime, and snuggles — all the things you’ll want to share with them when you bring them home. Race over and meet Dominic and Seabiscuit today. We’re going to declare their family winners for giving them the loving home they deserve.


After a not-so-great adventure outdoors, recently rescued Courtney (Adoption #H210478) is catching her breath in the safety of Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, and we’re giving her all the love she was missing while she was taking care of herself. NSALA is promising this sweet two-year-old a wonderful future in a loving home. Courtney enjoyed some time being fostered by her rescuer, so being in a safe household is a familiar idea she can get behind! Don’t let her quiet demeanor fool you. Courtney may seem shy, but given the opportunity, she’s sure to show you how grateful she is to belong to you.


Sweetie (Adoption# LA0385) is living up to her name! It’s no surprise how wonderful this lovely Louisiana rescue is, but we can tell she’s putting on a brave front in a great effort to find her family. NSALA is hoping she’ll feel relief knowing she’s not alone in this quest. Her friends at North Shore Animal League America are here to make sure she this 1-year-old finds a loving family ready to give her all the ear rubs and cuddling she craves.  A quiet place to start anew is her goal, and staff and volunteers would love for you to help her meet and exceed it!


**Senior Alert** 13-year-old Milo (Adoption #E3410) is the senior member of his recent rescue, and we can certainly understand his trepidation about this new setting after a lifetime of chaos. One this staff and volunteers know, this guy loves treats! He simply can’t get enough of them. Place a treat in front of him and watch how fast you become lifelong buddies! He’ll be eating out of your hand in no time, and you’ll be providing him ear rubs on demand. Sounds like the happy ending Milo’s been waiting for his whole life. Milo has a magical way of making you feel like an instant hero just by the simple act of offering him the best life he’s ever known. We may never know everything about his past, but you can help create an amazing golden-years future together.

Chris and Stewie

**Double Adoption** Two-year-olds Chris (Adoption #IR1543) and Stewie (Adoption #IR1544) recently lost their first home and have been welcomed into the safety of Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. Originally rescued from Puerto Rico, these bonded brothers see this new obstacle as just another great adventure to share together. Chris is already off to discover all the sniffs and sights of his room, while his more reserved brother Stewie is trying his best to keep up. Chris and Stewie are fun-loving boys who need a family who can keep up with their adventures, and hopefully provide them new ones in a home full of love and attention.

Reach out to DoritS@animalleague.org for more about adopting any one of NSALA’s adorable adoptables!

Available for adoption through Almost Home Animal Rescue

Shy Guy

Check out the gorgeous eyes on 3-year-old Shy Guy.  While his name is somewhat telling, this Shy Guy is a totally sweet kitty who loves to purr when you pet him. This silly guy loves toys and hopes to find an owner who will cuddle and play with him as much as he deserves.


Sammy is a pretty chill little dude who loves to be lazy, do his cat yoga poses, and end with a nap as he pleases … but this little guy also gets silly when it’s playtime. If you have a toy mouse in hand, then you’ve made a friend for life with Sammy!

For more information about any one of these adorable adoptables, contact Almost Home Animal Rescue at www.almosthomeli.org or call 631-627-3665.

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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These Cats and Dogs on Long Island Are Searching for New Homes

cats and dogs

This week’s line-up is packed with amazing animals that want nothing more than a safe home to call their own. From huskies to senior cats, if you’re looking for a new best friend, we got you covered!

Available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter


Calling all husky lovers … this adorably, big, fluffy, goofy boy named Montana arrived at the shelter as a stray last month. He’s just 10 months old and loves to cuddle and play fetch! He adores other dogs and is pretty much like a real live teddy bear! He’s looking for an active home with kids 13 and older.

If you can open your home to Montana, please call for more information at 516-785-5220 or email adoption@tohmail.org.

Available for adoption through Almost Home Animal Rescue


You won’t need a bigger boat to bring this Jaws home. Jaws is a bit on the shy side, a little unsure of new people so it takes him extra time to warm up and show you his silly personality. Jaws would love a home with another cat to help him come out of his shell.

Sweet Cheeks

Sweet Cheeks has quite an interesting personality as he can be sweet and throw sass all at the same time! This fun fella enjoys rubbing up against your leg to get your attention and is a big fan of temptation treats  any flavor will do! Sweet Cheeks would do best in a quiet home with an experienced cat owner; someone who will truly understand and appreciate his purrrfect little self!


Meet Smokey! This handsome shy tux is a total sweetheart who loves to get attention and affection but won’t step in the way of another cat to get it, which sometimes means his true awesome personality doesn’t always show. Spend some time getting to know this guy and it’s guaranteed you’ll fall completely in love!

For more information about any one of these adorable adoptables, contact Almost Home Animal Rescue at www.almosthomeli.org or call 631-627-3665.

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter


Sugar is a three to four-year-old Miniature Pinscher and Boston Terrier Mix who had a very rough start to her life. Sugar came from a breeding situation where she was used, neglected, and discarded. She arrived at the Animal Shelter in a malnourished and dehydrated state. As a result of this experience, Sugar is a bit fearful of men but can learn to accept them with treats and time. Despite all the pain she’s been through, Sugar is still energetic, playful, and loving. Her ideal home will be without other dogs or young children under 15. Sugar deserves nothing but the ultimate happily ever after and a home that will give her faith in people again. Sugar is ready for her story to be rewritten, and staff and volunteers know the perfect owner is out there for her somewhere.

If you can give Sugar a new “leash” on life, please call 631-360-7575 today for more information today!

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America


When 7-month-old Cinderella  (Adoption # H210284) arrived with her local rescuer, she felt like she was the belle of the ball, despite needing medical attention for bowel issues. NSALA provided her with a loving foster home to comfortably recuperate from treatment —and bibbidi, bobbidi, boo! — she danced her heart out with her foster dog sibling when she wasn’t plopping in her foster mom’s lap! With a successful treatment plan, Cinderella has returned looking for her Prince (or Princess) Charming to offer her a magical life in a loving. permanent home. This terrific tortie is the kind of gal who purrs when she spots you. She’s charmed everyone she’s met so far, and hasn’t even needed help from a fairy godmother! If you’d like to make her dreams come true, please ask about being her happily ever after!

Mark and Derek

** Double Adoption** Mark Sloan (Adoption #H210461) and Derek Shepherd (Adoption #H210462) are a shy pair of bonded 10-month-old brothers who side-by-side faced rough times living on the local streets and are now ready to support each other through the changes life has ahead for them. Now safe in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, you’ll still find them cuddling together, but they’re always game for treats and playtime. A quiet home with children 10-years of age and older would be ideal; they’ll be pouncing in your living room in no time. Staff and volunteers think they’re dreamy, and you will too!


Three-year-old Zena (Adoption #BF3744) left behind a dangerous life outdoors and traded up for a zen life with us in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. No complications for this warrior princess. Zena wants an easy happily ever after where she gets to be the queen bee of her castle. Looking for one fur baby to love for a lifetime. Zena would love to become your pampered princess!

Sawyer and Sash

**Double Adoption** Through thick or thin, Sawyer (Adoption #NCR5864) and Sash (Adoption #NCR5861) will always be together. This shy sibling pair have been reassuring each other their whole lives. Now NSALA is determined to find them a home where the humans will offer to nurture them as well. A quiet, predictable home with adults experienced in soothing fearful cats and older children committed to providing them a predictable environment will lead to a happiness one-year-olds Sawyer and Sash don’t yet know exists. While Sawyer will need to watch his braver sister to feel secure, Sash will be quicker to accept your devotion. Treats are a great way to begin a trusting journey. Staff and volunteers predict their best days are ahead when Sawyer and Sash find someone as committed to loving them as they are to loving each other.


Interested in adding purrfection to your household? Let us introduce you to Robert (Adoption #H210477)! This adorable two-year-old, gentle soul pretends to be shy at first, but he just can’t help but dive head-first into head bumps, making him a fantastic choice for anyone seriously interested in being adored furever. Please don’t hesitate to come meet him because perfection doesn’t wait long to be discovered!


**Senior Alert** Splendid Sabie (Adoption #LA0393) is searching for her second act. This refined, 8-year-old lady from Louisiana has something the kittens don’t: life experience that’s given her a limitless grateful heart which she’s hoping to share with you. Sabie loves cats and humans equally, making her the purrfect fit for any home setting… purrhaps yours?


Lovely Lily (Adoption #NCI10298) isn’t letting a little setback in living arrangements keep her from turning frowns upside down. This plucky, 3-year-old gal lives to put smiles on the faces of her admirers, and she’s quite good at it, too! Offer her an ear rub and you’ll find she’s ready to commit to a lifetime of purrs with you.

Reach out to DoritS@animalleague.org for more about adopting any one of NSALA’s adorable adoptables!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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Meet These Cats Available For Adoption on Long Island


Feline fans rejoice! With so many cats and kittens available for adoption, it’s easier than ever to find your purrfect partner in crime, so contact any one of these shelters/rescues for more information about adopting today!

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

Little Boy

**Senior Alert** Little Boy (H210438) isn’t very little, he’s still in need of some nurturing. He arrived with his feline siblings recently when they lost their lifelong home due to the passing of their beloved human. NSALA provided them all a room to stay together with comfy beds and a sunny window which Little Boy is particularly fond of. He is the only FIV+ member of his family and living harmoniously with them has eased some of his troubles. Offer to brush him, and you’ll open up a whole new dimension to your relationship! Little Boy is looking for a home with older children, and a confident feline roommate to help ease him back into a home. If you’ve had experience with shy cats and can provide a peaceful, predictable place for this gentle twelve-year-old to retire to, NSALA would love to introduce Little Boy to his latest hero: you!

Rum Tum and Dorothy

**Senior Alert** Rum Tum Tugger (H210440) isn’t a very curious cat. In fact, this shy nine-year-old is content cuddling with his sibling Dorothy Two Dots (H210440) as they watch visitors join them for some one-on-one time. These bonded senior tabbies joined the rest of their cat family to begin a new life after they recently lost their previous home and owner. They lived their whole lives swapping cuddles together, and we intend for them to spend the rest of their lives side by side, being adored by their newest hero. NSALA would love to find them a quiet predictable home with children 12 years old and older and adults experienced in helping shy cats settle in for a smooth transition to their golden retirement.

Tiger Lily

**Senior Alert** When Tiger Lily (H210442) arrived with her cat family after they lost their beloved owner and home, she needed time to make sense of the dramatic changes in her life. NSALA is delighted to be able to offer her all the time she desires in a quiet room with her family in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center and so proud to see her begin to understand that she is still safe and loved. This quiet nine-year-old is content to watch from a perch above her room but has been welcoming trusted friends. She enjoys treats and brushing which have been great tools to grow her connection with her human caretakers. Tiger Lily has lived her entire life with other cats and will benefit from a patient, experienced home with a confident cat looking for a snuggle buddy. She would also be delighted to go home with one of her siblings if you don’t have friends at home for her. A quiet predictable life will help Tiger Lily continue to grow her confidence so one with older children will offer her the peace she so craves.


A local rescuer reached out for our help to place a cat who needed to learn to trust again. Time in a quiet space was exactly what five-year-old Olaf (Adoption #L80529) needed. NSALA opened up a whole new world for this charming orange tabby who has taught everyone how to win his heart with patience and treats. Because we could invest plenty of time in his care, we’ve discovered the key to his success in a home will be finding him an experienced adult with no other pets. Predictable days with no children in the home will provide him with a smooth transition into the next step along his journey. As the sole object of your attention, you’ll discover an exceedingly charming and loyal friend who wants to be your shadow but has clear body language when he needs time for himself. Olaf has overcome the difficulties he encountered in his life before arriving to safety; he’s ready to be the great love of your life!


Last summer, Tigra (Adoption #BF3491) was rescued from the local streets and was in dire need of medical attention due to an eye injury causing her discomfort. NSALA’s medical team relieved her pain with surgery, but Tigra was still left feeling fearful from all of her survival experiences outside. They’ve provided this sleek, one-eyed beauty all the time and space she needs in a quiet place where she is surrounded by caring friends—both human and feline—who are cheering her on for every moment of progress. They’ve discovered that, although she is still quite fearful around humans, she transforms into a completely different cat with her feline friends. She can’t get enough of playtime! When it’s time to nap, Tigra is always available to be a friend’s little spoon. This one-year-old will need a predictable home with children 16 years old and older and adults experienced in nurturing fearful cats. Time and patience will yield great rewards, but a confident cat in the home will be the most valuable part of the team to help succeed as part of the family. If you have a cat longing for an ardent admirer, Tigra would love to commit to a loving relationship with them!


Before Ballerina’s (Adoption #BF3673) caretaker moved, she wanted to provide her with a safer alternative than the life she’d been living. Animal League America has provided this tender four-year-old, orange tabby with that safe place, and has offered her all the time she needs to learn to trust humans on the inside after a lifetime of surviving outside. Although she may seem aloof to new friends, she’s become very attached to the most trusted companions caring for her who have observed an affectionate side to her when she’s mingling with feline friends. A confident cat in the home will show her how to gain her own confidence in her new setting. NSALA wants Ballerina to continue to grow into a loving family member and is seeking a peaceful, predictable life to help her continue to succeed in a new home—her first one! If you have children 16 years old and older, and experience with fearful cats, you could be the hero Ballerina has been waiting for.


Chris (Adoption #FTF05) may seem like a shy guy to new friends, but his calm, quiet energy has been quite therapeutic to his shyer roommates. Rescued locally, Chris has been offered an opportunity to become someone’s best friend in the comfort of the great indoors. Although tentative in new situations, a peaceful home with a patient, experienced adult (and children 16 years old and older) will guide him through a smooth transition. Because Chris shines when he’s with his cat friends, NSALA is seeking a confident cat in the home to mentor him.


**Special Request** When Charlie (Adoption #L80718) was searching for his next meal outside in the Bronx, he came across his ultimate hero who encouraged him to consider a better retirement plan indoors. The chance encounter has completely changed the trajectory of his life and now this timid 10-year-old is listening to his friends at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center tell him about the peaceful home in his future. A life on the streets has left Charlie FIV+ and wary of new situations. We’re promising him a tranquil home life with children 16 years old and older and adults experienced in helping fearful cats acclimate to a whole new lifestyle. Charlie loves to listen to stories from his friends and is pretty blasé about roommates as long as they’re as calm as he is … and have treats handy to win him over.


NSALA’s Medical Team was called in immediately to work their magic when Jewel (Adoption #T105343) arrived from her overcrowded municipal shelter in Tennessee. Her injuries were extensive, but thanks to donors in our Help Me Heal program and the wonderful care she received in our Pet Health Centers, one-year-old Jewel is back on all four paws and ready to meet her bright future! This sleek mini-panther is so enthusiastic about making new friends! You’re not going to believe she ever had a worrisome day in her life. Her sparkling disposition makes her a jewel worth discovering!

Reach out to DoritS@animalleague.org for more about adopting any one of NSALA’s adorable adoptables!

Available for adoption through Almost Home Animal Rescue


Munchie is a sweet but shy little girl who gets along wonderfully with other cats and loves to play! Munchie will need a patient owner to give her time to come out of her shell.


**Special Request** 2-year-old Midnight is such a handsome boy! He is extremely friendly and social, especially enjoying getting pets & chin scratches! Midnight gets along well with the other cats and has been with Almost Home for quite some time now. He often gets overlooked because he is FIV+. Many people aren’t sure exactly what this means, but FIV can only be spread from cat to cat if they draw blood during a fight. It cannot be transmitted from sharing a litter box, water bowls, or food dishes. FIV+ cats can totally live normal happy healthy lives. Why not open your heart and home to Midnight today!

Little Sister

Tiger Boy

**Senior Alert** Almost Home also has many senior cats who are often overlooked because most people want a cute kitten. Understandable, but did you know that there are many benefits of adopting older pets; they are likely already trained, calmer, require less supervision than their younger counterparts and always seem to show a tremendous amount of gratitude towards their later-in-life adopters. So don’t wait, call Almost Hope to set up a meet and greet with Guinness, Hobbes, Little Sister, Murray, Midnight, or Tigerboy today!

For more information about any one of these adorable adoptables, contact Almost Home Animal Rescue at www.almosthomeli.org or call 631-627-3665.

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter

Popcorn and Pretzel

Popcorn is a 10-month-old female Domestic Short Hair, while Pretzel is a 10-month-old gray and white Domestic Short Hair fella. These two are great friends who would like to be adopted together. They were found as part of a cat hoarding situation, where they grew up having very little human interaction. Fortunately, after a few months in the care of the Animal Shelter, they’ve started to come out of their shells. Popcorn is the more outgoing of the two, but Pretzel still has a lot of love to give and is always sticking by Popcorn’s side! Their purrfect home would be a quiet, adult-only space that is dog free. Popcorn and Pretzel are used to living with other cats, so they would get along well in a home with potential kitty siblings.


**Senior Alert** Randy is an 8-year-old male Domestic Shorthair tabby who was surrendered to the Animal Shelter by his previous owner. He is a very outgoing guy who enjoys meeting new friends. When he first meets you, he’ll rub himself on your legs and give a friendly little squeak! He also has a bit of a sassy side to him, and he likes acting like he is the king of the castle. Randy gets along well with other cats, but not with dogs, and would like to live in an adult only furrever home that can shower him with love. Randy’s front paws are declawed.

If these kitties sound like a good match for you, please call 631-360-7575 today for more information today!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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As Pandemic Wanes, Shelters See Spike in Surrendered Pets

Shelters are seeing more pets being returned as the pandemic wanes. (Getty Images)

2020 was a good year for homeless animals. As lockdowns became the new normal and people were stuck inside with nowhere to go and no one to see, they turned to cats and dogs for companionship. Shelters and rescues were cautiously optimistic that deserving cats and dogs would finally find their forever home even once restrictions were lifted. 

Today, though, Ashley Buroker from St. James manages Almost Home Animal Rescue and Adoption in Patchogue and confirms an alarming trend: an uptick in surrenders, as the world opens up again.

“When the pandemic first hit, we saw an influx of people looking to adopt,” says Buroker. “Many saw it as great timing as they had more time than ever to devote to a pet. They also viewed it as a form of emotional support. There was such a high demand for pets that many local shelters turned to taking more animals from out-of-state shelters.”

Proper vetting became a challenge for volunteers and staff. With so many potential adopters, rescues and shelters had to remain cautious and continue to follow a new, more rigorous review process. Those wanting a pet who did not have a solid plan for the animal post-pandemic were quickly dismissed, which then led to people seeking pets through other means.  

Due to the low supply and high demand, those desperate for a pet were soon reaching out to pet stores and breeders offering well above asking price for the chance to bring a dog home.  

“We’re now seeing many designer breeds and toy breeds surrendered,” notes Buroker. 

While reputable breeders require owners to disclose if they no longer wish to own the dog they’ve purchased, others do not require the same due diligence process and in turn, many are dumped at shelters when they are no longer wanted. In addition, adoption rates have dropped significantly.  

“Almost Home adoptions have dropped by 60 percent in the month of April,” says Buroker.  

What’s most important to note is the significant damage this process can have on an animal. Going from one environment to another creates instability, fear, and depression, which sometimes cannot be reversed. Pets are a lifelong commitment and should not have to suffer due to an ever-changing world. If you want to adopt but can’t commit for the long haul, please consider a more temporary situation such as fostering or volunteering. 

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