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Long Island Lawmakers Warn Trump’s Postal Service Cuts May Sway Election

Members of Long Island's congressional delegation joined in sounding the alarm over the Trump administration's recent U.S. Postal Service cuts that are expected to hinder mail-in ballots in November’s elections.

‘Reprehensible’ Swastika Graffiti at Nassau Community College Probed

In total, the college has reported four separate incidents to Nassau County police from Oct. 15 to Dec. 2, police said. In three of the incidents, multiple swastikas were discovered inside campus bathrooms. The anti-Semitic symbol was also found on a handrail and wall of the campus’ “B” building.

National Popular Vote Movement Closer To Changing Presidential Elections

Long before Hillary Clinton became the fifth presidential candidate in history to lose an election despite winning the popular vote, a movement had already emerged endeavoring to change how presidential elections are decided and operated—in theory, giving each voter a true stake in one of the most fundamental elements of democracy by empowering state legislatures to effectively nullify the current electorate system and decide the victor solely according to the populous vote. Already 11 states, including New York, have passed legislation to join the national popular vote compact. Collectively, these states represent 165 electoral votes, placing them only 105 shy of reaching the 270 threshold for the race to be decided.

Long Island Voter’s Guide 2016

Long Island voters will cast their ballots Tuesday picking not only the next president of the United States, but also their Congressional and New York State legislative representatives. The races up for grabs include New York's U.S. Senate seat, all five members of the U.S. House of Representatives for LI, plus the nine state Senators and 22 members of the state Assembly that represent the region in Albany.

Op-Ed: Donald Trump Is Our ‘Monster From The Id’

Raw, vicious, bloodthirsty and threatening, the monster has its marching orders.

Mangano Defeats Suozzi In Nassau County Executive Race

“I feel so blessed that I’m able to continue in this job."

Advocates Urge Minorities to Vote on Election Day

“You have to know who you’re voting for."