Long Island Weather: Hundreds of Cars Still Stuck, Roads Reopening

“Unfortunately its like quick sand, once you stop in snow like this…you get buried."

Long Island Weather: Blizzard Hits Suffolk Hardest, Cuomo Says

“Suffolk has sustained significant damage and significant hardship as a result of the storm."

National Grid: Power Restored to Majority who Lost Electric

29,000 of 40,000 who lost power already restored.

Long Island Snow Totals (UPDATED)

A. Lot. Of. Snow.

Long Island Weather: Blizzard Drops up to 30 Inches of Snow

Suffolk County got blasted, Nassau County not so much.

LIE, Sunrise Highway Closed to Non-emergency Vehicles

The Nor'easter is causing disruptions on local roads.

Amber Alert Issued for Southampton Children

This Amber Alert has been canceled.

Blizzard Causes Cuomo to Declare State of Emergency for LI

Driving conditions are deteriorating as the storm worsens.

NDAA Indefinite Detention Sparks Outrage at Appeals Court

Battle continues over Obama Administration's NDAA indefinite detention provision.

Hempstead Man Shot by Cops Charged With Woman’s Murder

Police responded to a domestic disturbance when the alleged gunman shot at them; officers returned fire and wounded the suspect who was found to have a dead woman in his kitchen.

National Grid to Fix Winter Storm Outages in 24 Hours

National Grid is confident it is better prepared for the storm than LIPA before Hurricane Sandy.