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Winter Snow Storm & Blizzard Tips: How To Protect Your Pets

Heavy snowfall is on the way, and that means it’s time to review some fundamental Pet Safety Tips to help keep your beloved critters safe and warm throughout the winter storm.

Identical Twin Puppies: First Documented Set Born To Irish Wolfhound

The first documented set of identical twin puppies were born to an Irish wolfhound in South Africa, according to the findings of a paper authored by an international team of veterinarians and recently published in the journal Reproduction in Domestic Animals. News of the unprecedented birth resonated throughout global media and social media outlets Thursday, with dog lovers worldwide rejoicing at the announcement and sharing photos of the adorably cute pups.

Doggie Dining Law: Long Island Pups Can Now Dine Out With...

The law went into effect in October, but local lawmakers, animal advocates and restaurateurs touted the bill last week to remind dog lovers to take advantage of their newfound ability to bring cute and cuddly Fido and friends to outdoor restaurants while the weather is warm.

Nassau’s Denenberg Proposes Dog Abuse Prevention Law

“I look at my dog Chloe and I just can’t imagine not giving her the room to walk and run when she is outside.”

Blizzard Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe and Warm During the...

“A snow storm is no place for a pet.”

Winter Tips for Pet Owners

Keep your pet warm and snuggly during our coldest of seasons.