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Port Washington Parents Launch Effort to Find Cure for Rare Brain...

Believe in a Cure, a Port Washington-based nonprofit organization, helps fund important scientific research toward finding a cure for FOXG1 syndrome.

Mint Green Home Among the Trees in Port Washington Asks $1.8M

A lovely, historic-yet-modern, colonial home is listed for sale in Port Washington.

Port Washington’s The Sneeve is a Wearable Sneeze Catcher for Kids

The Sneeve, based in Port Washington, is a slip-on sleeve that kids can wear to trap germs when they sneeze or cough into their arm.

Insomnia Cookies, The Mets’ Jeff McNeil Help Raise Funds For North...

A New York Met is teaming up with Insomnia Cookies to help bring some holiday cheer to the Port Washington-based North Shore Animal League America (NSALA).

Suzie Brunner: A Courageous Carrier

Rear View: As one of only two women in the country who carried the U.S. mail, Susanna (“Suzie”) A. Brunner was the first woman on Long Island’s North Shore to be entrusted with the Port Washington-Great Neck route in the 1880s.

New Takes on ‘The Great Gatsby’ Coming as Classic Novel Enters...

Might Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan be reimagined in the Wild West? Maybe as superheroes? On Mars? Anything’s possible, once The Great Gatsby's copyright expires in January.

John Cassavetes: The Father of Indie Films

Rear View: "Wouldn't it be terrific if [ordinary] people could make movies, instead of all these Hollywood bigwigs who are only interested in business and how much the picture was going to gross and everything?” Director John Cassavetes asked.

The House That Santa Found: Miracle on 34th Street Partly Shot...

The revealing final scene outside 24 Derby Road in Port Washington was nearly nixed when the cameras literally froze while filming the 1947 holiday heartwarmer.

Perry Como: The Man Who Invented Casual

In 1946, the Comos and their children settled in Sands Point near Port Washington on Long Island’s North Shore. After his passing at age 88 in 2001, Main Street was renamed “Perry Como Avenue” during Pride in Port week.

Charming Port Washington Colonial Asks $729,000

Busting with charm is this completely updated Colonial with a quaint front porch and slate backyard patio for entertaining listed for sale in Port Washington.